Sunday, July 4, 2010

147.2 YIPPY snippy.

So far the tacos with the bread outside wrap hasn't hurt will see what the next day brings. I have had one of those emotional days that come with the hormones and just glad I made it through it. I also have boys who keep dumping stuff for some reason so the vacum has had to be running none stop its seems.
Breakfast: Orange and sunflower seeds.
Lunch: Curried salmon and a big salad with boiled eggs.
One very big laugh. My pretty girl happened to walk downstairs early without putting her contacts on. She stepped right on one of the sticky mouse catching pads and it stayed to her foot. Now why would it be in the middle of the room well cause a mouse was stuck there to and had it's front feet were not attached and were able to pull itself along and moved it to the middle of the room. Scream ya and more SCREAM everyone in the house that was asleep was not anymore. I was horrible and laughing so hard because here she was with her foot in the air screaming and begging for help to have me pull it off (no way!) which it did slowly fall off. She had been fixing herself breakfast and didn't eat needless to say after that. Boys came to both our rescues and got rid off the whole mess and I did stop laughing, but not till I told Hubby what the whole thing was about. She sat there looking at me like I was the meanest person on earth. She really does hate snakes and mice.


  1. How awful! And, yet . . . funny? <=) Poor girl, but I know I would have laughed too . . . unless it were me. Yikes!

  2. I'm terrible. My kids think so anyway. I try really hard. But sometimes I just guffaw at the wrong time. He he. Oh well. :)

    I hope that the emotions come down within manageable ranges soon. I've left three comments, but I'm not sure how many went through. I am soo soo sorry to be out of touch. I'm going to the beach in a couple of hours where I won't have internet. And last week I was working on a new blog. I'm all caught up now though. Sounds like quite the week!