Sunday, July 11, 2010

144.8 Wehoooo back down for a sec I am afraid.

Well that is a number that has been allusive for a bit. I hope it will stick but I am not sure that will happen. Steak days are so strange I just really wish I could understand what makes a body drop back just because of that 1 steak and 1 apple or tomato. I even ate a huge piece of steak. Well today was crazy so I hope that it has some stick power because I only ate turkey sausage, eggs and peppers for a mid brunch and then dinner was some hummus and rice crackers and cheese sticks. It was so hot that a body didn't want to eat. Late in the evening I could not resist some homemade brownies by my little Z guy made so I ate and will just have to bear, it no offending a budding cook on my part.
Miles: 4.11 jogging and .89 walking. It was so humid and muggy that I just could not do any of the hills today so I walked them.
I had so hoped that we didn't have to hook up the swamp cooler but I think that hope is about out the window.
Later in the evening I did a major trip over a chair and had a stick cut my big toe just before the chair landed on it and bruised the whole area. I have been training to do my first 5K not sure what might happen now. Sitting with ice on it.

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  1. Hope your toe is better soon!

    Terrific that you didn't think Ok it's too hot, I'm not bothering..I have seen many others say that!

    I love your progress photos at the top, you are looking *good*!