Wednesday, July 7, 2010


One of the major things that can stress me is the paper work that my little guys case demands. I found myself on the phone twice calling back to make an appointment after having left a message and they didn't call back to get him in. Mind you this is for a follow up to see big grow Dr. in Jan 2011, like I have time to call back again and again after leaving messages. That was yesterday. Then today I have to do review paperwork for his disability case or they will be canceling us. Of course it didn't come in the mail until Fri. and it's due back on July 5th when all mail is undeliverable and I have a question and no one was in the office Friday through Monday. Good grief. Top that off with having to sit on the phone for 35 min to be told that it was of course the wrong department and be transferred to the supposedly correct office for another 35 min. Which then the phone hung up when the person was getting ready to answer. RRRRRRGH.

I caught myself eating cereal. WHAT.! I do not even like it because for some reason it cuts my mouth up and leaves the driest taste inside it and most of all it's bad for you. I haven't gotten the stuff for over a year and the Dad was saying please get some so when we have to leave so early we have fast food for breakfast. The biggest problem is that's not how the kids eat it. They chow like nobodies business and the great big bags of bulk Malto meal is gone like in a day or faster depending on who is home to consume. So between my mindless stress eating and their sugar fast seeking it just cannot come in my house again. Besides 4-H Peewee was a nightmare tonight because they were all so hungry from quick non filling carb meals that had no protein carryover, they whined that they wanted off the horses after hauling 30 min to the arena. Satisfying pancakes with doubled up eggs and some sausage will just have to be the mainstay at this house.

Miles:running 2 walked 1.5
Breakfast: Dumb cereal for everyone else. I had a nice cream cheese and blueberries.
Lunch: Dumb cereal no one wanted real food I ate salmon steak.
Dinner: They of course went right for the cereal and I talked some into eating venison. I also made a nice spinach havartti cheese egg fritatda.

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