Friday, July 9, 2010

147.4 Chocolate addictions??

Carrot cake scale rise not to bad only .8 above the set point so far. I am going to be good today because the garden is calling loudly and it's all green and luscious. Sweet peppers, spinach, butter crunch, radishes, red leaf lettuce mmmmmm. My mouth is watering for the salad that I will make today with sauteed chicken chunks.

Now if the chillens will just stay calm and sit by vegatably just watching T.V. I might be able to regain the house front and stop tripping on wet shorts and towels from water play and also keep the floor dry for more then an hour today. Maybe get some blankets washed and hidden so that the hut making slows. DREAM ON GIRL that's not going to happen until the school bell rings and they are back on a schedule. They are like a pack of dogs these boys lately just busy and hunting for things to do.

Breakfast: Pretty girl surprised me and had shrimp and peppers cooked to share with her.
Lunch: Tacos with lettuce, peppers, and spinach from our garden. A tiny bit of beans a tiny bit of wild rices and sour creams and the most delicious taco shell made from cheese eggs and cauliflower here's the link to get that amazing recipe. My kids ate every single shell that I made and didn't guess once that it was made with an egg.
Dinner:Popcorn and salad what a combo. Went to the park and watched movies on the side of the old log house.

I really like this Spicy Maya but I also love my own concoction of equal parts coconut oil, and coco dark powder with 1/2 cup coconut cream, 1/2 cup butter, almonds broken up, maybe some dried blueberries, or other crunchy nuts too. Sweeten with Stevia to your desire. Place in pan melt down and then put in paper candy cups place in freezer to harden and eat when needed.

I am playing, my computer will only past and copy this for some dang reason.

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