Monday, July 26, 2010

148.4 Help tell me how.

I must admit I am so tech not know how that someone needs to tell me how to pick up my Versatil Blogger awards? I did all the rules except I didn't list them out on my post is that important? Am I supposed to just paste and copy? Help, tell me how to work it cause I don't get it friends.

I slept in again but that's cause tomorrow is going to be crazy we have sheep that have to learn to be led for showing and my mini job is calling and I am going to teach boys how to cut split and wrap wood to sell so they can earn some more of their own monies.
Foodies: Protein drink
Luscious garden salad with chicken and boiled eggs on top and it all came out of my own garden well not the chicken but the eggs came out of my coop.
Another yummy protein smoothy for the dinner I was not very hungry after my mammoth yummy salad.

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  1. Yeah. Just copy and paste. Or you can right click on the image and save it to your desktop or digital photo album if you have it. You

    You are completely amazing. I am in awe.