Saturday, July 3, 2010

148.0 Racing Day it's going to be crazy tonight.

Usually we celebrate the 4th on by going to our town park and having fun with food food and more food, booths, water dunking and arm wrestling. But this year we have hay that has to be done before we can play so we all stayed home and worked until the Rodeo in the evening. Our pretty girl J usually rides the barrels in the exhibition runs and she did it again taking 3rd place, hopefully I can repost and add pic in a few days. The evening meal is usually crazy so this year I decided to stop at Taco bell and get a whole bunch of burritos and tacos, This was the best idea yet compared to standing in lines with kids pulling at me and then dropping stuff in the rodeo dust. Except little guy decided to get hungry just before all the lights went out and time to watch fireworks. He left his bottle in the car uggha what a time to discover that.
I caved and ate a taco and then one more this Aunt sure makes you hungry but it could be that I run this morning and just needed more to have enough energy for the day.
Miles: Jogging cause I was really slow today 3.45 and .75 walking making a total length of 4 .2 miles I love my mapping tools I can tell to the .2 how far I went.
Breakfast: a beef patty with tomatoes
Lunch: left over chicken in the cream sauce and a big salad.
Dinner: two taco bells even if I end up paying a pound or two of gained weight.
How do you celebrate your freedoms?

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