Sunday, July 25, 2010

148.4 Beautiful Day of rest.

We all slept in and it felt delicious. We came home so late from all the celebrating that we couldn't get up and going very early. Our pretty girl raced her own race after my race with her horse on the barrels, dang she didn't win but she had tons of fun. Finally after sleeping in I kicked into gear and the whole family moved an hour before we had to leave for church thank goodness our time is in the afternoon this year we would be having a rough time getting there. I am slightly sore in a few spots but over all the aches are not to bad today. I think my body is getting used to the 3 miles, time to move to a higher race length goal. 5 miles here I come now to find a race goal.
Foodie: Protein drink and steak for dinner. I wonder if it will bring down that scale that has had a rise in numbering. I am not to worried because there are some very strong muscles that are replacing the flab spots and I am sure they weigh more.
Early to bed I hope but with wild boys around who slept in I do not think that is going to be my luck.

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