Saturday, July 24, 2010

148.4 Race Day first 5K.

The air was cold on that side of the valley and not warm like I was used to at that late hour of the morning. My sister in law and her sons and niece in law were all there talking, another niece is racing in the 5 mile race. It felt good to know someone not sure why, I guess security in some way. The race was to start on a slight up hill and then level and then drop back down and level again along the main street. They started with a pop of the start gun and off we went trying to push through to the front of the pack there were a few walkers. Pretty soon we had a pace set. Me and my sis in law kept at it she finally slowed but kept catching me after a bit and then slowing, I just kept a steady pace. My chest was a bit on fire and I could not catch and get the air down in deep, I was so bugged. She caught me again and could still talk I just can not talk at all. I fight to keep my breathing at the correct level and get it into the bottom so I don't hurt so bad. I see the water hole at the mid point and decide whether I want or not. I remember that my lips were dry a bit before and the tongue was sticking to the top so I decide that I am getting some. A fast grab, sip, dump, stack cup, and back to running. This time it's down hill and I am able to catch my second breath and get it down into the bottom of my lungs, then the turn to the home stretch the whole of main street. I started pumping my arms and moving up faster. She catches up to me again then slows. By this time I feel warmed and able to move freely and the end is just right there. I was moving towards a ribbon that they were stretching across wondering if they held the winner break ribbon for everyone who ran. I am digging to get my phone out so I can see the finish of my race by that time and I realize that everyone is yelling 5mile finish line here 3mile here I quickly have to shift myself to the far right so I head down the correct funnel. My phone said 7:42 and my sis in law came in right behind me one sec later. I was placed third for my age bracket and ran it in 33.53 min. fastest I have done all summer. I can't believe it a girl who has never raced and I take third for my age. My sis in law is 61 and she of course won for her age bracket. I received a bronze medal and certainly surprised my Hubby who used to run track in college.
I had to turn around an hour later and walk half the race route again being in the parade with my scout troop celebrating 100 years of scouting. Good thing I am used to doing that when I run at home but I must admit pavement is a lot harder to run on and my legs were pretty tired at the end of the parade.
Miles: 4.76 total 3.15 race running, 1.61 walking.
I cheated all around on the foods today because my other sis in law who didn't run treated us to a chocolate pancake check out that photo sorry if it makes you drool.

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  1. Congratulations! What a wonderful achievement to be so proud of.