Saturday, July 31, 2010

145.0 and TOM hmmm thats a surprize.

So I have gone back to my end of P2 weight and didn't do a thing to get there really. The body must be figureing it all out. I even have the lovely visitor and I didn't go up on the scale wow shocker. I do have my stupid raging headache and it will be a lay back week so the headache goes away.
Foodie shopping today ugha my least favorite thing to do.
Looked at lots of blogs today got lost looking guess I need some encouragement.
I am feeling ran over by summer now and things are feeling out of hand. The garden is exploding and yet there still isn't any tomatoes that are red. I am wanting to go back to the 500 cal diet and it's nice structure outline. I find Iam not very hungry and have to remind myself to eat.
I even started to pick up chicken breast to weigh and cut to 3.5 oz size portions in preparation to lose the last 25 pounds that I have here.
Hubby went and got lots of ice cream and pop and snacks for boys who worked super hard and I caved and ate along with a nice salmon cooked in coconut oil. I wonder how high the scale will climb with TOM and all here too.

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