Sunday, August 1, 2010

146.0 Sunday sweetness.

I like that the scale has stayed low today after all that treat eating. I am fasting two meals it's what we do the first Sunday of the month in my church and then the amount we would have spent on our food goes to those who have not.
The class was a dream of quietness we didn't even have to go get drinks 3 times, was I an amazing teacher or are they just finally getting the whole class plan down?
Arrived home to make the healthiest Taco salad mixing cracked wheat into ground beef and refried beans and salsa mixture. Of course no one wanted to eat it and so I am the only one who did it was so yummy and different with the wheat kernels being slightly crunchy in the mix. Hubby wished I had cooked it just a bit longer before mixing it all together so it would have been softer. Later I noticed that several had eating a bit of it but still am unsure if they liked it. Off to bed so I can read my far a way boys email note when it arrives at 4 amish and then fall back to sleep. I am not running until this dang headache leaves me. My blood pressure must be up again going to go check now. See ya all later.

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  1. I hope that your headache leaves your poor brain alone soon. You are an amazing and gifted teacher I'm sure. It's between the lines in everything you do. Hope that you're still feeling good!