Monday, August 30, 2010

149.4 Every other day posts.

Its been one of those post every other days kind of weeks lately. At least it isn't taking a computer to get on the scale and keep track of my weight. But that's how posting is so its not been so easy to just get sat down and do a post. I have munched on the best cucumber salad with sour cream and peas and little green onions today. Along with ice cream and chili again the scale, I am afraid its going to be showing how heavy that is on the scales. Along with the hormonal stuff that the visit brings.

My sweet sis-in-law gave us cookies and boy are they dangerous to me right now.

Oh ya we grilled on Sunday for our last warm hurrah before the cool starts to creep up in the evening.

Little Guy went to preschool today. He was so happy because there was no one here to keep him busy. He kept asking all the boys if they would play dump truck outside with him over the whole weekend and he didn't care that it was dark either.

Z boy missed the bus because his socks were not right so I had to take him over, that cut right into my walking time and I never got back to do that. Tomorrow right, right.

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