Tuesday, August 31, 2010

147.4 The Aunt is about packed, ready to leave.

Isn't it funny how hormonally we are affected. Now that the visit is almost over the hormones are settling and the weight is coming back into alignment. Oh ya I had to have my one good cry too before it all got straightened out in the ravel brain that hormones helped snarl for me. I need to get on the treadmill but I am so tired from adjusting to doing late night homework help for boys that its all catching me today. Someone tell me to get on the walk move please.

The hubby got me on the treadmill while we watched an old movie, three miles.
Why do you have to drag yourself sometimes to things you know make you feel so much better.

Lunch: eggplant dipped in crackers and eggs with Parmesan and tomato sauce over the top. YUMMY along with bacon lettuce tomato sandwiches. Its food right out of my garden and all made or grown by me, well not the cheese and bread but all the rest was and it felt good to me.

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