Saturday, August 21, 2010

147.2 English excersise.

My biggest peeve is when I go back and read my post and find a mistake. Of course I have carefully spelled and then checked and organized the dating and the punctuation (or so I thought). It's so buggy when you find that you goofed and messed and it's not done right or you missed something.
So sorry when I goof or I ramble in exercising my english and it isn't making any sense, most likely I got an interruption by one of my chillens and forgot that I was doing my punctuation sweep over my page.

Work was ok yesterday the young manager who tried to fire was not there. The one who seems clueless most of the time was on. The owner father didn't say a dang thing at all to me not even Hi. I did it fast and was done in 4 hours and back home watching my silly little boys cover themselves with mud from the rain that has poured for two days here. They didn't think it so funny when I told them they had to clean off with the hose and not the shower like there little brains had calculated. It took me an hour to get them washed down because they kept running away after barely spraying it at them. Jer stayed as far from the mess as he could get he hates to be cold and dirty. I am putting the photos on my family site as a history in the making page. Wish I had the ones from their oldest brother and sis when they did the same thing it must run in their genes to get muddy because even my bothers did it when they were little.

Sit ups 50 done
Two miles done
Ate healthy whole wheat spaghetti and homemade sauce with very lean beef last night.
Having a smoothie as I type with cream cheese and whey protein in milk and some peaches blended.
Today's going to be a great day! I might have a few cabins to clean but I haven't called to ask yet.

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