Friday, August 6, 2010

FRIDAY FRY DAY I feel like i am frying up!

More cabins to clean plus mine own yep drowning or frying is what it looks like. My mini job has become all consuming not sure I can handle it all. I started cleaning cabins for a friend and then the other resort near by said hey would you do ours too. Now it's exploded into 4 hours everyday so far. At least it's pretty much just a summer kind of thing but in the mean time it's wowowow over whelming. I am making pretty girl come help me so she can do it next summer if she wants and I will already have the foot in the door going on.

These are DEER CREEK CABINS on Hwy 89 the prettiest little get away on the road to Bryce Canyon and Zions Canyon so stop in, stay a few nights on the river and enjoy these beds I make for plush dream sleeping at night.
Is that an ad plug or what. Am I crazy asking you all to come so I can make more beds up, yes that's right that's just what I am doing.

Leslie Sansone video for my Crystal ball and wow my arms hurt because I used my heavier weights. Did a lot of running from cabin to cabin today can I count that as my miles? Cut and cooked my chicken preparing for the return of doing P2 and dropping that last 25 pounds on my tummy.

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