Friday, August 27, 2010

147.0 Getting hormonally in order and a date what a combo.

That Aunt Flo she sure messes things up sometimes. I am so tired I can hardly get a move on.
My partner that I haven't said to much about in awhile we took different paths for a bit. The other day she called and said" well if there is one thing that HHCG did for me its to make the visitor a regular one now instead of skipping two or three months at a time". She wasn't so sure that was that nice even though it does mean that her body is not as hormonally out of wack as it used to be. I have to agree I am pretty regular now and it was out of hand after my last couple babies and the many steroids and meds that I had to have during their births and leading up to my last birth.
So kudos to regularity after years of mixed up body signals that's a plus for HHCG and me.

I had a date meet with the hubby and I am pretty sure that I will pay the scale price again. We haven't gone out for a moment alone for quiet a bit, to many kid activities that trumped our alone moments. It was Wingers sticky food which of course is going to mean lots of sugar in the sauce but thats ok it made him sweeter for the evening alone ;)

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