Monday, August 16, 2010

149.8 I survived to a point.

So I am back and alive but the scales suffered or maybe I should be honest and say I suffered upon standing on the scales daily and I am so glad last week is over.
Scale readings:
Tuesday 146.2
Wednesday 146.2
Thursday 149.0
Friday 148.6
Saturday I totally forgot because I left at 6:00 am my usual weigh in time.
Sunday 150.6

Bottom Line Food at a County Fair is so not good for you. Not drinking enough water while standing in the hot sun day after day is not good for you. Getting sick and feeling like crap from dust and smoke is so not good for you. I crave healthy food choices from my garden and fridge like crazy.

I tried to eat protein selections but all that is is hamburgers with no veggies and bread buns on both sides when at a county fair. Finally I yielded to chips and cheese and fajitas with lots of their sugar sauces, Italian ice, potato salad samples, peanut butter sandwiches, ice cream at the livestock family partie, soda pop to try and quench thirst, breaded chicken chunks. Super healthy eating is rough when your on the go that many days. Sat we finally were able to get grapes and cheese sticks with yogurt cups that felt sorta healthy. On Sunday all I felt like eating was Cherri bell tomatoes and some protein drink.
There is a forest fire in the county behind us so the smoke on Thur. got to being really blown over us as we sat watching the Rodeo that my pretty girl rode in. By the end we went home smelling like a camp fire and pretty much that hasn't really stopped since. I must be allergic to something that is burning because I got super sick to the point of getting antihistamines to help get through the itch eyes and inflamed lungs and nose drips. Jer just had to have an oxygen increase and my Z guy looks like he has permanently sunburned eyes and cheeks he is allergic like me to whatever is burning in those mountains.
On the positive side Pretty girl has enough points to ride and represent our 4-H horse division at they State 4-H show, she sold both her sheep and got blue ribbons, Son in far away land got a blue and red ribbon on his photo entries that we entered for him and Mc managed to get a blue ribbon on a horse that is so claustrophobic that maybe she shouldn't be put inside of a stall at the county fair. She was a psychological mess and could hardly stand to be away from Pretty girls horse Hobbles so he had to force her to do any of the 4-H advents and it took alot of skill on his part, he is getting to be a very good horseman.

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