Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Swearing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and going backwards?????

Mon.: Scale reading 149.8
Tue.: scale reading 148.0 Talking to authorities again and telling my story.
Wed.: scale reading 148.6 Funeral and scout pack meeting.
Thru.: scale reading: 147.8 Got some peace and was begged to come back to work.

Let me tell you I never do this except when I am very very mad. Monday was and has been one to swear over and accusal has been high and placed on me and now I am furious.
One of the things that gets my craw in a total uproar is when people walk by and see something going on that is of total illegal standing and then they never say a thing nor do a thing about it. Shall I give a small example -- the passing and most likely selling of drugs on school property, mind you elementary school! (yes I turned them in) The turning of an adults head and not telling a parent when their child did something because it's non of their business yet the child is headed for shear destruction of their moral fiber and on the brink of becoming a pregnant teenager because a kid is raping her.(yes I said something even though I didn't know the parents and he landed in jail and is getting help and so is she.)
Then the gaul to accuse someone of stealing an illegal item and releasing them from their employment. Hello I did say illegal item highly illegal and releasing them from their employment. What is this earth coming too. And ultimately the worst a Mother who white washes her sons activities because she isn't into wanting him to get in trouble and yet her very professional job is taking care of youth and counseling youth who do the very thing she is covering for her son being stupid about. Yet he accuses his employee of stealing illegal item and then fires them. Wow ok can I say it again WOW notice I did not swear but I want to. I am a Mom and I have told my kids that should they be stupid and land in jail then I will get them in the morning but expect to sit and think in time out for awhile if they are going to act like a dumb child. Never did I think that an accusal of this sort could be laid onto someone who is impeccably honest and totally forth right so much so that her own Pretty girl says ya I didn't tell you about that stupid friend because you would have told her Mother and she needs to figure out how to get out of this mess herself not with you telling her Mom. Or the Son who tells his friend better not say anything or my Mom will tell the authorities what your doing. Do You get the kind of person that I am. So now I am mad as a very wet hen and there is going to be flames and someone is going to burn for wrongly accusing me of stealing an item left by I guess a guest, and an illegal item at that, when in the act of cleaning and doing my job honestly.

The company who begged me to work for them that is the resort over from the very amazing wonderful honest, clean, trustworthy Deer Creek Resorts made a big mistake. I had a manager accuse me of stealing an illegal smoking item out of a cabin that I did not clean. Things are resolved only because my brother in law is a cop, my best friend is a cop, my nephew is a cop and they realized they made a huge mistake in blaming me. Who fires someone over a supposed missing illegal item who in their right mind? Maybe someone who really is the user hmmmm possibly a manager himself. But I don't trust that company and I will be forever wary and I am for sure looking towards some new employment. I will always recommend Deer Creek Cabins over that other place hands down!
Breakfast-protein drink out the door to work.
Lunch-2 Cucumbers while talking to authorities and filing complaints on above stated disaster.
That was the morning and in the evening upon returning from taking two little guys to do their summer Peewee 4-H show the truck with about 5 thousand tons of trailer and three horses ran out of gas and I had to drive it up a hill being towed and then down two hills to get it home. Nerve wracking and maddening and my elbow is swollen from gripping the steering wheel so hard for that thirty min drive in the pitch black night to get us all pulled home with the white truck that kept me in town so many days ago. I guess I better say as my son calls it, that white truck is NINJA and I am glad it rescued me. But Dinner was at 2:00 am, a Chile beef hot dog on white buns because by that point in time I was staving and had the shakes so bad and my sis in law who had gone ahead of us had dinner waiting for two hours while we had tried to get enough gas into the huge fire engine truck as our kids call it. It has duel tanks and one didn't register right thus it ran out. Whew I am so glad that day ended.

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  1. WOW. I am so so so glad that you are related to so many cops!! I hope that you have an easy time finding another job. One where you are respected and loved for what you do.

    I can't believe you work too! With everything else that you do. You are amazing. Hugs. Kisses. Muah. I hope you feel bettah soon.