Thursday, August 5, 2010

145.2 YOWSIE I love that steak day.

I guess maybe your body has to burn hard to break up a steak but look at that drop. Good thing cause today there is a wedding dinner to go to and I want to stay low on the scale.
I walked 2 miles and ran 2.5 miles today. I seem to get going better if I walk the first mile. Like the old bones need warming up and the lungs need to be blown up a few times. After that I can run without gasping for air down deep in the lower bottom end.

Wedding meal was filled with lots of veggy selections which was so yummy and even a sweet pudding treat with all kinds of toppings that are very risky but I ate anyway.
Mini Job has morphed into maybe more then I want. I ended up changing 9 beds today and that wasn't at my house. Hmm rethinking if I want to do this for someone else or if my own house might be more important. They better pay me well or it's not going to happen anymore.

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