Wednesday, August 25, 2010

146.4 Cellulite and fat cells!

Monday 147.4 Last of the peewee 4-H party. What a yummy barbecue I ate just the burgers no bun with all the veg trimmings and watermelon with chicken salad it was so good.

Tuesday 147.0 It was a crazy day of the first soccer games for 3 of my youngest boys. Little guy sat an cried the last game because he wanted to just go home he says he hates this game. I wonder if he will ever play any sports. Thank goodness he didn't have to have any breathing treatment since we didn't get the right packed backpack with us.

Wednesday 146.4 I watched this while I was walk/running on my treadmill finally after a summer of outside moving and now I am grounded to the inside because there are no babysitters at home anymore.
On the show they talked about how the cellulite is sucked out by reducing the water in the cells until it was moved around in a procedure to reduce it, sad thing is it didn't last for long. Hmmm I say after doing HHCG and drinking lots of water or at least the amount I should be in a day that this is what has happened to my body without having to be really evasive and expensive. I flushed the cells and moved them around especially when I get running. Now I am preparing to get rid of about 25 lbs more.
Weighing my very lean beef and getting the stuff like lemon juice and stevia for my extra water consumption. Ya I actually have sucked at water drinking since about the middle of July because one of the kids knocked my water container out of the car on our many horse trips and I have kept forgetting to replace it.
One hour of walking running to about 3 miles yeah me I got some in today.
Oh yeah school started so it's kinda peaceful here at the moment. But its not going to last too long the day is almost over.

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  1. You are so busy. I hope that it continues to be peaceful. You go on the water drinking, AND your meat.