Saturday, January 29, 2011

8 miles I went that far.

Wednesday of this past week yes I made an 8.33 miles to be exact in my run or maybe my boys might call it a shuffle since they can both Mc and C walk almost as fast as I can do my running but hey I did it. I went outside so there were no interruptions, no reasons to quit, and a must to get myself back home since no one was coming to rescue me. It took me two hours to do, of course one neighbor talked to me, one cell phone call slowed me a tish and the hill towards the end got a walk instead of the shuffle move because I was just to tired.

BUT I DID IT and its more then I ever thought I would do in my life time.

I had set out on Tue to do this goal but the Hubby surprised me and came home from work early right at mile 6.25. Ya know how if you stop you can't get going ya that happened to me so I decided to call the run for the day good and try later to reach that 8 mile goal.

I am trying to refine how many calories I consume. I hate recording them but by doing so with Dr. Oz Move it to Lose it I am seeing how much I need verses how much I take in and I always seem to go over. I really sometimes just think it would be easier to get back to the HCG diet limits yet I know that is not enough for the body to keep up with running too. So I am learning how to work the limits out and keep the calories low but not to low so that I can still run.

I saw a to die for recipe here that would be good for a maintaince phase it was on Dr. Oz show I gotta log it's link up there so that I can find it when ever the urge hits. I am so dang crazy for chocolet now days it is just pitiful, having never a need in the past as a youth and young Mom but now get out of my way and give me that stuff or I might clobber you for it. Hopefully this 88 cal replacement will help my fix need and maybe even the little guy will think its cool too. Maybe I just lack and seek the protein that chocolaty has so ya the secret ingredient is a protein that just might help my needs.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tools, Goals, Mystery Protein drinks non eater getting food now.

Fit Bit this little item looks like one cool tool I would love to have.

No matter how little or how much I eat it seems that I am staying right at the last set point that I made with HCG. Good thing but kinda of strange when they say the more active you are the more you can lose. Maybe this is my bodies really healthy familiar place.

On Wednesday I had one of those kinds of crazy days where I had to be in about 5 places almost all at once or one right after the other on the time frame of a clock keeping the hours.
Like a good Mom I devided out where everyone would be and asked others to help get one of them to a far away place. By the end of that day we had Mc winning 4th place in the Jr. High tournament for Regions. Go my boy who said he would never wrestle and then changed his mind 2 years ago and started the sport. C boy pinning his 2 opponents that were 112 instead of 103 and one he said must have been 119 and they goofed or something cause he was tough.

You know how you feel so good after a workout and then about 24 hours later you really start to feel the ache in the muscle that you worked out! Ya my gut and butt and legs are in a regular burn up mode. After running 5 miles in the morning and then forgetting that I had agreed to a Zumba two hour party class I am over the weekend feeling so many many new tight muscles. It really actually feels super good to feel each tweak or catch as I move reminding me of the fact that many years after being a teenager I still can get those muscles tight.

My mystery protein drink came that I have been waiting for. The taste was diffrent then the Chocolate taste test that I did over Christmas. The hubby put chocolate milk powder in it after the first few tastes and the little guy just chugged it all down in his sleep early in the morning hours and then asked for a drink of water when he woke up. He did baulk about drinking it when I tried to get him to drink it later in the evening. Way to much green for him. I am going to admit I doctor the green drink up a whole lot more but it makes me feel so dang good that even if there is a diffrent smell to it I love the energy that I am getting from it.

Well I got in another 6 miles this week and am about to pay the money out that will comfirm me into having to run a real live 10K race. Wish me luck its going to be so fun to accomplish my goals this year.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Progress and starting over some days.

I did another 10K all by myself felt so great the rest of the day. Tue ready to wake up with an owie hip and there was not a single sign of it Yippy that is just too cool.
Dinner was Sweet potatoes fries with too much pepper, chicken and salad and a bit of ranch dressing. The next day the scale was down go figure.

As I look back across the last year with my first date of using HCG coming closer I love being able to review that I can now run 6 miles. Yes that's what I just wrote, Monday I ran that many miles on my treadmill in 79 min. Back when I started this journey just trying to lose the pounds and then needing to tone all the flab all I could do was walk a mile. I told myself every day that I walked that this took forever then I'd groan. The message was I don't have this kind of time to spend here. But really what was more important then getting healthy so I could live longer and stay healthy and not cost my family lots of money in some horrible medical catastrophe.

Now with all that I have learned in being in control of the amount of foods the kinds the combinations and paying attention to what is in stuff that I don't make myself, I feel like I am getting on top of the game of losing and keeping the weight off.

My mental Model: I said this for years and now its almost here. "I will be a happy healthy 120 pounds". That looked like me wearing skinny jeans and feeling strong all over my body. The body follows the mind so a message that you tell yourself is so very body changing. I actually fit in those skinny jeans without the scale reading 120 right now today.

I decided to join Doctor Oz. 11 week move it to lose it and love the plan so that when I am eating whatever I want to eat not doing (HCG) I can also pay attention to how much I need to move to keep it all in check. Along with all the helps of great people that are at my finger tips to glean info from.

Well by the end of the week things were getting straggly. I had a cool late Christmas present of seeing a play in big city and a night out just me and the hubby. It was fun but eating out of the house can really throw your plans out the door sometimes. Also hotels believe in white flour waffles not whole grain kind to feed breakfast seekers.
Wrestling events have some of the worst concession stands filled with ubber junk foods, its a wonder that a boy could even eat healthy stuff at those tournaments. The C boy was at a huge competitions with 66 schools and 68 kids in his weight bracket we went to watch him at the Rocky Mountain Rumble Competition. He placed 7th which is really good for a freshman wrestler. He says "every match is an ability to learn something new to stretch your abilities into new possibilities". "Its actually better to learn while in a real match because both are straining so hard to get the upper move." The food choices were ugha and so I think in one weekend I have undone a healthy scale reading. But I did bring my Denise Austin abs DVD and did it right there in the hotel when I woke up Sat. morning. At least I kept moving.

Heres to keeping on with my maintenance and maybe figuring out what will keep me losing all the time.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bits from the week!

Lots of good runs were achieved this past week, lots of good workouts done also. I would like to have done a run on Sat but alas the thigh muscles on the top of my left leg are screaming after sitting two hours pushing a clutch in and out in stop and go traffic for a total of 7 miles Fri. I think I had better get to a gym and work the right leg so I get evened out in the muscle area.

I did a really cool Bio mechanical analysis on my feet and a look at how they run at a high tech fancy shoe store filled with only running stuff. I need lots of strength support on my outside leg especially the left. WOW what and answer to the reason why my left hip gives me trouble. My shoes are good but a lot of the support is in the arch so now I am going to have to save the pennies to get a shoe that is really solid all the way around and for sure on the back outside of my foot.
Friday at the Dr. office we heard great news that says the Little Guy Jer is actually on the growth charts these days. Now that he has endured a years worth of having to have a growing shot every evening we are finally seeing some progress. I knew it because he was moving through clothing sizes but its nice to have the Doctors see it and start to jump up and down happily too. As mean as it is to have to give your little guy a shot over and over again its nice that there is finally a result for all the torture that has to be given.

Eating is going really well I am paying attention to keeping it all whole grains, lots of veggies and some fruits and not over eating, I think I am eating better then I ever have in my life. At least I am getting more veggies then what I used to. The veggies are with every meal also. I am also working to make sure that my biggest meal occurs at lunch time so that I am not caught going to bed with a heavy tummy.
Breakfasts are getting more consistent for the girl who was never good at that. I do have to kick myself once in a while and think hey its getting past 9:30 are we eating breakfast or lunch only today. I am waiting on pins an needles to get my lovely drink for the morning fueling that I need to do. It should arrive in the mail soon. Now the goal is to get the little guy to tank up eating in the morning also along with the Hubby who has to leave at such an unearthly hour sometimes and so so sucks at doing a morning meal (and he is a health professional who should know better at eat a morning get going meal).

On the wrestling front:
We have C boy who stays right on weight without starving himself, he is eating really healthy except he dislikes celery he says. This week he has had 9 wins all pins and 2 losses. Yes one of those losses was against the Nationally ranked high school senior that he is living to beat some time this year. He said it was a total mental loss because he tried a move that got him in to a position to be pinned and he forgot that the kid has lots of experience and was not using techniques to do the wrestle. Live an learn and go on its just a game is his attitude which is really a good one to have. He has decided he needs to strengthen his fingers lots more because his grip is not very strong.
The Junior high boys K and Mc well they made a bet that I couldn't run with the team in laps and get to the end so I did it after having ran two miles earlier that morning. 5 min laps= about a mile and yep I did it faster then my usual run times. Mc took pity and never went ahead of me. K boy I barley saw he went fast and furious. All the other boys were impressed and gave me high fives or told me that I was good. Made me feel pretty darn good to know that I can run with them too these days.

One confession to make, I can't not keep from a peek at the scale I just don't tell the Hubby and I wont record it, but it is back up 10 pounds but sticking right at my last hypothalamus set point. This was from my previous round that I did a good set job setting my system like Dr. Simeons says to do. Very unlike this last flub up from the holiday avalanche slide that I made. Its a testimony to me that following protocol and doing things right with the diet is important. On to next weeks goal bumping up to 5 mile run at least once this week.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Please Help this cutie out!

Please I have not many followers but even the few I do could help with just a tiny little bit. Those who link from my family site you can help too. The amazing thing is it's really truly coming so close to true and that's just to too to cool.

This girl says it so well even with her very colorfulness, but hey it's truthful, so read her plea and see what we can all do if we but work together to help others just a tiny little bit.

My kids you see this year that's what they did is give to her a bit of their Christmas money just so that she could get her a doggy. They understand that if she chokes and her Mommy is not alerted that her lungs can have major damage. They are sensitive to this because of there own little brother Jer's lung issues. They do not like the idea that she could silently cry without anyone knowing but a doggy could make all the difference and alert her parents to her needs. They have three of their own dogs and can not imagine her having to to be without one either, not when it could mean her very life could be saved by its ability to alert someone of her needs.
So please lets get this doggy with your help

Her Mommy is amazing and tells wonderful things about Chickadees story, she is my friend, read the stories here.
See her cute little face here, like her so you can see when she gets her doggy.
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If that isn't to your liking well there are other ways to get it too her I promise I can help you just email me please.
We are so close lets get that doggy soon for her!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Time out and evaluating my workout time frame!

I have come to realize that it is soso soso important to make sure that you really set your hypothalamus's during the P3 phase and not mess around at all. No matter how hard I am working out ( 4 miles every other day running and then some other cardio or strength train is the fare each day) the fat storage areas are slowly feeling out again and it is becoming slowly visible only to me, but none the less. My tummy is the spot that quickly starts to lose the tone and thin look if I am not vigilant.
The next three weeks are going to be very crazy, lots of Dr. appointments for Little guy and the wrestling moves into to hyper drive with all the tournaments that determine who really is the best of all the boys that are wrestling. Then add the factor that I have to do the Bus drive training in the snow. The truth be known I have no time left for myself. Either I blog or I exercise and so my blogging is going to have to cut down to once a week entries from now on. Otherwise I will really not have a reason to keep a record of my progress to a healthier body and lifestyle.
I am going to try and keep a better daily record on Come be my friend and track your own progress; anyway so I can show that I really have worked out or at least walked and ran every other day that's where I will keep my record. Then just know that the off days I will be using my small library of DVDs to keep toning and firming the flab that is now here from having lost so much weight using HHCG over the last year.

5 miles the other day I felt so amazing and didn't even hurt the next day. I think the body is getting used to the moves and working into a stronger position now.

Dr Oz is becoming my favorite these days so many of my questions are getting answered by him. I am taking a time out from the HHCG for a bit and doing Dr. Oz 11 day workout. Along with the fact that the Hubby wanted me to stay off the scale and do just workouts and pay attention to the kitchen and food fare at our house just a bit more, so time out to work on better cooking and eating skills for all not just me he says.

Taking a time out is hard when your so addicted to making a record or wanting to tell those you care about something new that might help them but if I am not getting the work done myself its not going to matter how hard I have worked this past year to look and feel like a million bucks.
So moving on to an ever better life style, keeping things just a bit simpler once a week posting will be my new workout.