Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tools, Goals, Mystery Protein drinks non eater getting food now.

Fit Bit this little item looks like one cool tool I would love to have.

No matter how little or how much I eat it seems that I am staying right at the last set point that I made with HCG. Good thing but kinda of strange when they say the more active you are the more you can lose. Maybe this is my bodies really healthy familiar place.

On Wednesday I had one of those kinds of crazy days where I had to be in about 5 places almost all at once or one right after the other on the time frame of a clock keeping the hours.
Like a good Mom I devided out where everyone would be and asked others to help get one of them to a far away place. By the end of that day we had Mc winning 4th place in the Jr. High tournament for Regions. Go my boy who said he would never wrestle and then changed his mind 2 years ago and started the sport. C boy pinning his 2 opponents that were 112 instead of 103 and one he said must have been 119 and they goofed or something cause he was tough.

You know how you feel so good after a workout and then about 24 hours later you really start to feel the ache in the muscle that you worked out! Ya my gut and butt and legs are in a regular burn up mode. After running 5 miles in the morning and then forgetting that I had agreed to a Zumba two hour party class I am over the weekend feeling so many many new tight muscles. It really actually feels super good to feel each tweak or catch as I move reminding me of the fact that many years after being a teenager I still can get those muscles tight.

My mystery protein drink came that I have been waiting for. The taste was diffrent then the Chocolate taste test that I did over Christmas. The hubby put chocolate milk powder in it after the first few tastes and the little guy just chugged it all down in his sleep early in the morning hours and then asked for a drink of water when he woke up. He did baulk about drinking it when I tried to get him to drink it later in the evening. Way to much green for him. I am going to admit I doctor the green drink up a whole lot more but it makes me feel so dang good that even if there is a diffrent smell to it I love the energy that I am getting from it.

Well I got in another 6 miles this week and am about to pay the money out that will comfirm me into having to run a real live 10K race. Wish me luck its going to be so fun to accomplish my goals this year.


  1. Good luck! You are amazing! I'm so impressed.

    Your family is very happy to have you so engaged and happy. You seem to be in a really good place. Congratulations!

  2. I am jealous of your running. And even of your gut burn! I'm about to make my gut burn, too. Abdominals are my favorite. You are like on a whole different level of Supermomism than me - a totally higher place. I adore how you get it all done.