Wednesday, January 16, 2013

doTERRA News from my house

Random doTERRA News from our house to yours.

How I made my boys clean the toilets during Christmas Vacation.

VINAGER it is amazing made my kids clean the whole bathroom with it and added On Guard from doTERRA, yum smells like a cinnamon clove cleaner.
Besides the air quality stayed nice and fresh instead of chemical filled. This has to be helpful to the already coughing few that caught the respiratory flu strain and are kicking it to the curb still at our house.

Check out cleaners that are inexpensive and work safer then what we have out there on the markets today. doTERRA LIVING Magazine Spring 2012

Are you having a bad time breathing in the smog of winter air here is how we lick it.


Check this article out love that Breath oil it just helps clear the lungs. C boy wanted to drink it because he has been coughing after his wrestling matches and he is in fear he might lose his lung. But alas Breath Essential oil is not one to drink. Go ahead click that link and see the most incredible info on how to help you breath during this nasty air quality year.

Using dōTERRA Essential Oils to Help Counteract Bad Air Quality  Yep Click right back there.

January all about loosing weight help with cravings.

Sheesh Get Healthy, that loose weight thing, here's a whole magazine full of tips from doTERRAs way of doing it. We love Slim and Sassy essential oil to help keep craving under control, go ahead skim the pages see how it can benefit you.

We havent tried the shakes but we have a boy who is about to because he wants to turn his mass into muscle and so back to you later on that news.

Hey let me just tell you doTERRA is the best thing that ever hit our family. If you want to know more please hit this link and learn to help your families health. Yep that link right there.