Monday, February 28, 2011

Maltodextrine/Maltodextrose & a New P3 recipe

Hey did you know that the Malto word and mix has stuff made from starches of the grain wheat or corn!

Read your lables its not for P3 it will get you in the end just eat clean and green right off the vine is the safe way to get it not out of a box or in a mix cause most likly it has Malto in there somewhere in it.

Read about it here and here and here or here hit the links on these read spots. Most off all remember that you should not use any starches in P3 and thats what this is made with.

My recipes from the last week that I tried my hand at even though I am on maintenance.

Take one yellow onion rather large, slice into rings.
Saute in coconut oil sprinkle stevia over and have about a tablespoon of water in it also.
Add a handful of walnuts and warm through with mixing in the onions.
Yummy Beyond Belief

4 oz chopped precooked chicken
6 kale leaves washed
1 leek sliced in rings make sure to wash dirt out if it shows in ring slice.
Put a little bit of chopped garlic to your liking.
1. c. water
1/4 cup cream cheese

Cook until tender then smear cream cheese with almond slivers on the top of steamed leeks and kale. Let cream cheese get a bit warm and melt and then eat.

I really have never eaten Kale in my life so this was my first try at it and let me tell you my Hubby really liked it lots and lots which made me feel super happy to have succeeded at a real good dinner meal.

Monday, February 21, 2011


This was about the only photo I could find of myself before using the HCG diet. It was the summer of 2009 before doing my HCG diet and getting my gut tight again. Notice my lovely fat face which is very thin now.

2011 right after the Bantam wrestling turnament one year after my HCG diet rounds.
Back in the blue suit that hides not a single ripple or roll of fat from the eye to see, these are much smoother ripples compared to the past year of before my HCG and 5K and 10K runs.

I can't believe it its been one whole year of incredible learning. More then just how to do Dr. Simeons protocol. I have learned what makes me gain what helps me lose, whats my limits in physical strength, how to push myself more or give myself a break. Learning to reward myself without food as the prize at the end. Now don't get me wrong here I still have to pay close attention to this, be consistently monitoring myself, I am not perfect here yet.

Let me just tell you it feels pretty dang good to sit at the Little boys Bantam wrestling in dang tight skinny jeans with a sparkly belt and feel like a million bucks compared to last year were I felt old, fat, ugly, had stupid fat pants that I hated and feeling like I was never going to be pretty again. And I did hide my face from all kinds of photos back then. I felt Like I was the mother of a bunch of boys and out for my league with all these young moms that brought their little guys to wrestle and they were all dolled up wearing super high heels and looking as young as my daughter. My thought was just get me out of here I am too old to be here looking like this. Yes I started my first HCG day on the Bantam wrestling day on year ago and we just finished the bantam wrestles over the weekend. All of my little boys ended up with first and second medals including Jer who was given a medal from the coach as a prize even though he didn't wrestle, he is a bit to little still to do the sport.

So today one before snap shot and one of my new me in my cute little skinny jeans along with the fact that I am 44 years old and HOT looking instead of the mother of 7 children. Thanks HCG and all the other blogs and Friends along the way with many an alternate path that taught me how to or not to get back the me that got buried over the last 12 years of my life. There were plenty of blogs that I read, many personal stories and struggles that helped my resolve. Close family that gave me reasons to keep on trying to reach my goal.

But the most important was my own resolve and WILLPOWER to gain the upper hand something that I will keep continuing on with everyday for the rest of my life from now on.
I better put a shout out to a girl who is working to loose, a fellow wrestler Mom. YOU CAN DO THIS and its so worth the change too. I think you know who you are.

Doing this diet taught me a few of these things belive me there are more but to many to list:

Portion control

Eating when I am really hungry not just because its there to eat.

Calorie combinations that are low.

How to drink enough water for my body.

Paying attention to what is in stuff, (like the hidden names of many sugars).

How to like warm hearbal tea to keep me warm, hated tea at the begining now its not so bad.

That corn chips are evil in many ways, two chips a calorie amount a must stay away from.

That there is a sweetness that is unbelivable in green leaves and celery if you havent eaten sugar for a long time.

What a healthy portion size is, which is about the size of your fist for proteins.

Most of all that I am always going to pay attention to the amounts that I eat when I eat and what it is that I eat so that I keep this skinny look around for a long long time!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Advice and Wow survived the week. 140 LBS today.

Click to see this one amazing blood pressure chart.

If you do the HCG way to lose make sure your committed to change forever. Well that's really how it is with anything that isn't part of your normal life style.
I do not agree with the statements that I often hear that go something like this.

"When I am done with my HCG rounds and I can eat whatever I want".

NO there will never be a day that you can eat whatever you want again!

Unless you don't want to keep the change that you just made doing the HCG round or whatever lifestyle change that you just quit following to go back to the past.

You will always, must always be aware and accountable for what goes into that mouth. You must always weigh whether its a good choice or a bad choice to make. Do you want that tiny second of sweet taste or the skinny jean look for a long time. Not paying attention can catch up on you so make sure your always watching your game plan and even reviewing the past plan that helped you to lose whatever plan that was.

Today I can wear my skinny jeans but I am 5 pounds up compared to Oct 2010. Even my fat percentage ratio BMI is up compared to October 2010 date measurement. Do I feel differently? Well not really, some days I can do a few more crunches and feel a bit tighter then the day before. There was this euphoric feeling that was around me when I first lost all the weight like that I was lighter and didn't take up as much space as in my past. Now my body has a more normal feeling like that its just how I am not more nor less just am. Some days I crave that light lose feeling that came as I lost but then I get reminded by someone usually the Hubby that I am so skinny compared to the past years of my life and I am still in a really good place.

So am I still wanting to be losing, well I have decided to do a reshaping round soon when all this crazy wrestling is over and I get to just stay home every evening and weekend. Is it my goal to lose more well only if my body wants to mostly I want a lower fat percentage reading because then that means my heart is really healthy and the body will follow that too.

Every day now I am working to tone and strengthen all my muscles, You know really they have to be toned daily to stay up to par and not get all saggy. The thing that is really good to learn before you ever start any kind of life style change is that you must be willing psychologically to really change all the eating around you along with willing to drag the family along also. What you the Mom create in the kitchen makes kids go into upheaval if you change the way you eat all of a sudden, instead of gradual small instigators over time. My boys like to have treat parties at our house that can just about kill me on the scale if I didn't keep up with lots of personal busy activity now that I have lost weight. You can't deprive kids of treats if that's what the comfort is to them so make sure your changes are small and gradual a plan that you can keep healthy around you always as you lose, strengthen, work out, or maintain what you have gained along this road of change that you make. Good advice for myself to take that's who this pep talk is really for anyway just glad if it helps you out their that might want a reminder along your path in life.

My Week last week:
Sick Hubby Mon, and Tue light at the end of tunnel on Wed.
Sick kids, all week just pick a turn take a turn. Sick Jer, means lots of steroid loaded breathing treatments and shaker machine to loosen that crap out of his lungs. I hate breathing that nasty stuff and its close to my face at times.
Mc broke submarine car real good trying to do the daily feeding animal chores ( saddest sobbing sounding boy ever, called me while finishing my bus riding job)
Had to buy new natural gas economical car, yippee it will only cost me 10.00$ to drive to far away Doctors now.
C boy broke his hand Tue, night. Xrays, all day at Doc's felt like, left one sick boy at Aunts house.
Made dash to see orthopedic hand doc to get special cast so C boy can still wrestle at State competitions. Had to drive 2.5 hours to get into Doc then the same miles back without the C boy who was now getting ready to do the tournament.
Friday, got Mc boy ready who went on winter scout camping called Klondike for first time, gotta make sure he wont freeze to death.
Left other recovering sick kids with Jo pretty girl, thank goodness she is a helper like no other.
Went to watch C boy take 4th in state in the 103 bracket as a freshman, the only one to reach that level that young too, with broken right hand AWESOME beyond belief ( he is not please because of course he wants the top spot but when you break your hand 3 days before its a bit handicapping).

Friday nice night alone with the Hubby, early Valentines Day, our own little party. Ate dinner at a Peruvian restaurant, tried an authentic drink, first carbonated drink in over a year and ate fried cream cheese wrapped in a shell that was kind of like a crepe or taco shell covered with carmel. So now I gotta get the muscles to burn that calorie load off like never before. Whew at least I survived last week. Before this dinner I stayed pretty close to a 500 cal diet except I ate larger protein portions, almonds, my mystery drink, and lots of good homegrown eggs that my boys take care of the Momma chickens. I even ate a few whole wheat sandwiches with peanut butter. I made me some dark chocolate crack and added nuts, dates, and berries to it to keep me accountable in the sweet category.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Ughs the sicks WHY!

I have been lifting some weights and owwwie my arms hurt. The Hubby just laughs at me. Well to tell the truth the whole household is a bunch of moaning groaning these days. The Pretty girl has been doing weight lifting in health class. The C boy is wrestling his guts out and the Mom like I said I have been working my muscles. I can feel the burn that is now consuming and I can tell that my metabolism is much higher inferno ration then what the past was like. All I can say is that it feels good to be this in shape. Now if only I could get rid of the c-section sag of my last baby brought on. It also is of no help that there are 6 others that swelled that area to maximum capacity over my past.

As our week progressed the C boy spent 3 days in bed sick and then the rest of the house slowly fell in a slow motion domino affect taking turns feeling sick. By yesterday me and the Hubby spent the day in bed with the sicks. It was really not fun. The households meals consist of that amazing stuff called Vitamin C. We will recover but it has affected with a few negative side affects.
C boy was only able to place 4th in region but will still go to State Wrestling Competitions next weekend. He has really had the fire snuffed out of him by getting sick and by the last round he had no energy left to defeat a kid who really knew what his moves would entail. But the team placed third so that made everyone at least happy.
The dishes are crawling out of the sink and the Jer boy is left with a nasty cough that has us digging for the big gun medicines and our shaker machine that helps him to move the yuck out of the bottom of his lungs.
Thank goodness it hasn't lasted very long for me because I really have no time to be sick I have got to get back to running on the road without making it to the bathroom and back only.