Sunday, October 31, 2010

138.8 I am so sore. My brain even hurts.

The hike up the hill did me in. The tops of my legs hurt so bad I can barley get up to my upstairs rooms. Even my hips and gut hurt in spots I have not ever hurt in before. Definatly having to do the stretch and strengthen video with Denise Austin again.

I am sure the candy is getting me and I am not doing another steak day. I am just trying to eat very low cal and small portions for the next few days.

Breakfast: Eggs with cheese and onions
Lunch: Lettuce salad with cheese and tomatoes and carrot slices.
Dinner: Nice piece of grilled chicken for dinner and some wild rice. Handfuls of cashews and almonds to keep the candy at bay. A crash into a birthday cake with ice cream my Mc boy celebrates with this scary holiday and I didn't resist the cake. I am afraid to see the scale tomorrow I have got to get rid of the candy in my house. I have started throwing it in the trash if I see it out of the safe hiding spots that the kids are making.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

137.8 Life went into over busy mode there for a few days.

Fri. Scale read 137.6 That steak day did not work so well. Not sure if it is because there is a lot of muscle building going on or what but I sure didn't drop back down to where I should have been or like the protocol promises. I also missed the water drinking that I should have done.
Today I did part of my stretching with Denise Austin video and 50 sit ups and crunches.
Saturday posting also. 137.8 on the scale.
Yep you can tell not enough water drinking happening yesterday.
Today the Hubby took me on a long workout. I was only supposed to run 3.5 miles today in my schedule's plan towards a 10K. But he wanted to show me how to work on cross training along with the running. So after .42 of a mile warm up we took off up the side of the mountain range that runs along our home. He wanted me to run, no way was I going to fall down I told him so I did a half gimpy kind of run but mostly walked fast because there were big rocks to cross over. Upon reaching the top we took off back down the side hill and met up with the side of the road that I usually run along this ended up being about 1.29 or a bit more of a mile. Then we preceded to run up a steady slow incline way past 3 miles but that was my fault because I forgot that a cattle guard was the turn around point. After awhile he said I am sure we have gone well over 3 miles. I kept saying well where is the fence that I saw on my Google map which goofy me had already passed but kept looking out over the distance thinking the fence would come back and meet the road soon that was out there in the distance. Upon arriving home we consulted the map and looked at the length we had gone, total over all was 5 miles with the mountain hill hike which I had not run but the rest measured out to 4.5 miles. WOW I think I over did it just a bit considering I didn't have to go that far yet.
Things he kept saying to me.
Run straight
Move your arms straight not side ways.
Lengthen your stride out.
Breath in a pattern.
Keep loose hands not fists.
Hold your body straight no sideways moving, your off balance.
A few other things that were personal because he was watching my behind.
He can walk as fast as I can run so he did a lot of catching up to me instead of running ahead of me.
I survived driving kids to get candy. Yes I ate some yes I am going to pay in the morning scale reading
And just for the record this is my least favorite holiday. I think its a manufactures greatest plan to get us fat and make parents crazy with wild children but unfortunately my hubby loves it and so do my boys all dressed up nasty and scary like this year. Jer he is a sugar alcoholic and hopefully I can get him back to eating anything nutritious in a few days.
What do you do let them eat it all in one big binge or take it and dole it over the week? I have done it both ways this year they are binging because I want it gone and fast.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

138.2 Killed by chilie, Steak day again.

I know I know it usually takes two days for a weight change to show up and here it is. It's not to bad but it's over two pounds again.
I had to study today to take my CDL test so I walked on the treadmill while reading my book and going over all the info I need to keep on my brain for the big test.
I also went to my closet and have to give away some of my cute long sleeved shirts because lets face it I now look like I am wearing a bag instead of trying to squeeze into these shirts. Such a crazy switch since last winter. I really like these shirts too but that's ok now I get to get some new things again.
Walking 2.5 miles while reading.
I ate my steak late in the evening and hope that there is a big drop. I am grappling with doing another round or waiting until after all the holiday's are over. I would hope that I could lose to my goal of 120 by Thanksgiving but do I risk the possible tangle that I have to work with over the holiday eats that are sure to be there to face. Especially when your supposed to restrict yourself from some many starches after the drops are done.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

137.2 Can I say metabolism looking good now days!!

I sure hope that this lower instead of higher means that my metabolism is getting its gears back in order again and starting to keep a slow burn instead of always turning off like in my past. The white bread last night didn't get me. The cupcake white with sugar frosting also didn't get me so I am feeling happy but better be careful and wise still. I do not want to mess with the cheats to much yet. I need to get at least one more week in before I add all the danger foods in to the diet.

2.30 mile this morning at a great 4.5 pace feeling stronger and stronger as I work this body out.

What is it about cold weather and comfort food. My kids begged me to please make chili homemade the kind that corn bread slathered with butter goes nice with. I had hope that I would and could resist but alas I could not forgo that comfort food. It was dang cold outside and the body was feeling the need to spread that thin layer of fat that comes from carbs like beans and corn that helps to keep a body warm. At least that's how my C boy explained the workings of nutritious foods like beans, corn,that are mostly starchy turning into sugar once the body breaks it down. I had drank warm water today because of the freezing feeling that was going on under my skins. My kids must be crazy because that's chili two days in a row.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

137.4 HOOKABOO Dieting thoughts.

The sugar demons are getting closer and ready to eat your good diet success with sugar at every corner you turn. Stay strong my friends do not give in to the drowning that is impending and knocking at all our doors.
Eat a carrot instead its has sugar in it toooooo.

I am cross training today going to ride my pretty girls bike and see if I can work up a sweat in the frosty air that we have here this morning. (Oooh that kicked my butt I can really feel it in my back and top of thighs). 30 sit ups and 30 crunches both in the morning and evening at bed time.
Breakfast chocolate with cashews and a smoothie of yogurt strawberries and cream cheese.
Also laying the Garden to rest dang I am going to miss eating my own fresh cucks, spinach and salad selections. Wish I had a greenhouse that I could keep over the top and help the earth inside stay warmed.
Ate fried green tomatoes with onions and turkey burger saute ad together in coconut oil (cold expeller pressed) then placed over the top of fresh spinach leaves and Waldon's sweet onion dressing.
Later dinner I cheated with a hot dog smothered with chili and ate the bun too. Along with a killer cupcake with way to much gaggy frosting. I guess if the scale goes up I should not have done that but I am human with frailty's some days but it was a party and I didnt want to be rude.

As to the diet protocol. I am doing my own diet with out the help of a consulting Dr. I do faithfully read Dr. Simeon's protocol and I make sure I research all kinds of things so that I feel in my self secure with the choice I have made in losing the weight that I carry.
Do I think if I went on a 500 cal diet and no HCG that I would lose, NO. Maybe my good fat but not my locked fat storage. That's the fat that I want to have go away. So now that I understand some of the bodies chemical compositions and ways that it protects itself from being depleted along with the fact that there are several people I know who have lost when they were pregnant by shaving the diet down I still think I would and will do the HCG diet way. BUT I now love to run and like to feel the strain on my muscles and the firmness that even nasty crunches ans sit ups make me feel. So balance in all things is way way important.
Anyone reading this needs to know that they need to make sure they research everything out for themselves and not just on my words alone because I will not take any authority for what you choose to do because its your own path not mine.

Monday, October 25, 2010

137.6 Body Battle for Monday.

Yesterday the scale said 137.8 So much for doing Saturdays steak day. The body is refusing to go back to 135 no matter what I have done and it likes this 137 point I guess. Steak day didn't budge it nor running 3 miles and walking did there elicit any kind of change on the scale. So who wins well not my brain definitely the body for now.

Yesterday I ate left over steak, an apple, nuts, sugar free toffee, bean salsa a tiny tiny bit, carrots, humus, celery and feta cheese and a handful of grapes.

Today I ran and am eating yogurt smoothie and craving lots of chocolate and nuts again. Had a yummy omelet with homemade salsa and for dinner a chicken spinach apple salad with Waldon's Ranch dressing. Oh yeah and sunflower seeds. Drank my water today with grape flavored Stevia kinda yummy that's for sure.

Ran 2.5 miles and walked another .5 to round out for 3 miles worth of exercises.
Feeling strong today love that feeling.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

137 Just another lazy rainy Sat.

It usually turns into one of those very lazy days. I hit the alarm off instead of getting up and loved every sleep in sec.
Made the C boy go on my 3 mile run and 1 mile walk. He made fun of me again because he can walk almost as fast as I run but he still attempts to look like he is running with me so I do not get so bugged feeling. I felt great and ready to keep it consistent next time instead of breaking it up with the walk in between. At least I got my run in before the rain started to come down.

Nice long soaking bath my hip keeps hurting and its really buggy that it does that.

Not really a hungry girl today I ate almonds and a tiny bit of cheese and then went to dinner with the Hubby for a very good prime rib dinner. I think I might pop from such a good meal. Good thing I really didn't eat to much earlier in the day.
I could only manage a small bit of the steak and was full so very fast. More thirsty then anything today. I guess this could look like a steak day but I wasn't trying to make it that way. I did ask for tomatoes because I wanted them so much. Going to bed early while the Hubby goes to the movies with the teens so they can get extra credit at school. Secretariat what a great show.

Friday, October 22, 2010

137.2 Just make a win on Cheese today.

Am I am going to start a settle point? The scale has stayed today and thats a good sign.
Breakfast was an omlet with salsa and goat cheese
40 min combination of jump ropeing, bollywood dancing, Hubby laughed at me, and crunches again, would have gone outside to ride a bike but it started to pour rain.

Cheese do you want a chance to win some yummy cheese? Now only if your on P3 HCG'ers go here to enter and have fun seeing a cool blog at Simply the Sweet Life-Sweet Life in The Valley Secret is I hope I win cause I love cheese right now.

Eating today ended up being a mess, missed lunch cause of my job and early out school today. Felt like stress eating while sitting on the bus cause the kids yelled so so loud today, they would not settle down. It was a rough bus ride, I wanted to drowned in food instead of hearing the shrill voices especially the one I have to sit beside that is just so out of control sometimes. Add eye Dr. appointments and still no lunch, rain and running kids to FFA things, still no food, crashed into eating oreo cookies out of sheer starvation while grabing food stuffs at the store. Around 9 pm finally ate celary with Hummus and almonds and rasins and wheat thins. What a meal combination. Wonder what the scale will do in the morning. Maybe a happy way to look at it is that I carb loaded to run in the morning hours. Guess I will just have to wait and see.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

137.2 TEETERING on the edge.

YEP Teetering around on the scales. The things hormones do to a girls system are so crazy. I sit and wonder this morning, am I safe to eat should I do a steak day again, the scale edge is so close to going over the 2 lbs but is it water swelling from the Aunt what? Ok so I am going to go ahead and eat normal but small and hope that its all about the water that my body wants to hang on to today.
Its a rest day from 10K training and I literally took it to heart after a night of being up all the time from one boy or the other. One with a fever, one needing a drink, one not making it to the bathroom you know the whose of being the Mom all night long. I was way tired by 6am.
I must need the food because I had that week kneed feeling again today around noon.
Lunch had a lovely salad with homemade salsa and turkey burger and some skim milk goat cheese. Ate a few bits a tastes of a cookie and some more cheese and then not much else.
All the kids are Teetering on the edge of sick. The strep throat is at our house, we have a slight fear of it on this end. Our faraway boy ended up with Rheumatic fever when he was 7 so now that our 9 year old K boy is acting much the same way we are already on guard and medicating it because there is no way this girl wants to stay at that faraway hospital that takes care of children's illnesses on a scary scale like that. Just hope the rest of them manage to not come down with it especially over the weekend.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

136.4 Sugar sugar everywhere!

I am feeling a bit sugar drowned. This morning I have a weak feeling every time I have to go up and down the stair case. I get everyone out to school and then look at my need for a healthy breakfast. Omelet with tomatoes, onions, celery, coconut oil and then here comes the struggle. Every meat that I want to use along with my omelet aside from getting a whole steak un-thawed is sugar laden. The can chicken has food starch, the can crab has sugar, the lunch meat turkey has dextrose and modified food starch, the turkey sausage has corn syrup. Needles to say I finally took a bit of ground beef cook it up and then mixed it in my omelet. Why do they have to put sugar or starch in everything. Hubby says its cause it makes it look prettier, seriously I am not sure how that makes cooked chicken look prettier but whatever.

Working on 2 mile run on treadmill and lots of crunches today.
A new blog to pursue on healthy eating. Here's one showing some sugar visuals.

Oh I figured out why I had the weak feeling all morning. The lovely Aunt Flo came to visit. This time there was not a single prep sign except maybe feeling a tad grouchy. None of my usual pre headache, pre arm ache where the blood flow seems to increase the volume level and makes my injured area hurt. It was strange to have no symptoms, kind of like when I was a young girl again. My partner sis said now it seems your symptom free because HCG is getting you straitened out hormonally. I guess that's a good thing as compared to the past misery when she comes that I have had to deal with.
Lunch a big green salad the last of the spinach and lettuce out of my garden today. Along with tiny steaks and some almonds for my dinner.
Have to train tonight about how to take kids on field trips what a eye opener.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

137.8 EEEK thats it STEAK DAY ahead.

Why can't my body just sit and not fluctuate radically. That was not a very exciting thing to wake up and see on my scale reading. The rule is if your body goes over 2 pounds even if it is an ounce after being done with the HCG then you have to do a steak day with one tomato or one apple. So an apple and a steak today along with lots of water for me, not to exciting a day to say the least. But I snitched a half or two making a whole piece of turkey bacon while feeding the crew.

I am doing cross training today. I went on a little mountain hike, little because it was very wet from raining and my shoes quickly soaked because of the open breathing net on the top, should have picked differently. Came home to finish out with hip hop video and some crunches.
Ate my steak at about 1:30 ate my apple around 4:30 and felt very satisfied.

Last football game of the season hurray because I have been freezing all day and it was cold sitting there watching my C boy play.

Monday, October 18, 2010

136.0 Body Sculpting.

So the scale is ok and not kicking me to bad. Yesterday I only ate a glass of milk handful of almonds Chocolate candies that I mixed out of my yummy recipe, see links from the past, and homemade stuffed peppers. The stuffing was lean beef with tomatoes sauce and cheese and mushrooms. I had thought about trying another steak day back to back and then decided to just stay low in my portions. I was just not hungry at all the whole day until the evening when the cooking smells wafted out of my oven from the peppers. Today I am still sticking to small portions but adding almonds more kinds of veggies and salmon stickes that are very spicy. A taco with lots of beef and lettuce onions and tomaotes. Oh and a touch of sour cream


I once danced ballet and then in Highschool pop and modern dance. So now I am doing a bit of the old which resembles that link above with my pilates and new cool video from Lynn. Simpley moving and strengthening everywhere is my goal from here on out.

Running today 1.5miles, working on a plan for a 10K goal.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

137.6 Brain connection

Here I am reading this and that (to barrow from JBS;0) on nutrition and stretching for running and I read this statement and my brain makes a connection.
"The calcium contained in cocoa acts as a muscle tonic and helps with muscular contraction".
I realize at that point that the other day when I was having a major chocolate attack that my body must know something that it needs. This is perplexing to me because I have never been a big liker of chocolate until after shall I say getting fat and not being able to lose it. Which was really about 5 years ago. Lets also add older age creeping up and there really is a big need in my body for calcium. I think I better take a calcium pill and listen to this body's need for replenishment, in other words pay attention to more then just the fact that its chocolate and get into the complexity of what a food does for a body. Would that mean becoming a nutritionist I wonder hmmmmm.

On a new note something that losing down to 130'sss has brought is playing in my daughters closet a tiny bit. We are starting to share shirts and some skirts never pants but that's ok. She is busty. I since losing my chest I can fit her shirts now. My waist will fit in her skirts if its an elastic one. But pants I do not think that will ever happen my hips have brought forth to many a body to live in this world. There was a store in our town having a girls night out, dressing up as a witch night fun. We like to see the cute different things that are there so we rather swiftly took off to do a min together. She wanted to get a cute butterfly costume and I wanted to see about a cute charm necklace. Of course they had to have cheating treats. Nacho cheese, cream cheese, Shredded chicken in buffalo sauced mix, 0ver of course starch laden corn chips. How are you supposed to scoop the mix up? Well my pretty girl begged that we sit a min and share. I said but and she said, sooo, I didn't get dinner. I had picked her up after work as I passed through on the way to the store. I ate and knew that I would pay but sometimes pretty girls need minuets with their Mommies and they don't need to share their Moms diet restrictions with them. So back to working to get down the scale again by paying attention to the eats and working out to burn the calories. I guess you could call that a total sabatoush of a steak day because there is not going to be any worth of drop after that kind of a cheesy mix.
It feels good to be walking and moving faster and faster.
2 miles walking along with really good stretching and my Pilate's video.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

135.8 So when do you decide that its the right weight?

This morning when I got up and stood on the scale it said 136.2. WHAT I was good last night!
I have noticed that when I stop the HCG then over the three days that you continue the protocol until all of it is out of your system then I creep up very slowly. Until I hit the spot that my body decides to stay set at. This buggers me because I wanted to stop at 135 and stay at 135 and its not working that way again. So today I am doing a steak day. Oh ya the nature call kicked in as I stood there so I sat the throne and yes there was a drop but I still do not like that I am doing the slow creep up but I will keep that nature call elimination as my scale reading for the day.

This means that I drink my correct water amount and only eat a steak and a tomato and that's it. Its not really a little steak it is very lean and I usually do it at lunch time not at dinner time like the Dr. says to do. Why well because then it burns off and I do not have a heavy steak meal sitting in my guts all night making me feel kinda uncomfortable. That's not to say I always do it that way but when I do a steak day I have usually done it this way. Of course the Hubby was put out that I didn't make him a steak but good grief bacon lettuce tomato sandwiches are super good too I told him. He became satisfied.

A good place to learn how to start running click this.

Friday, October 15, 2010

135.8 EEE a bit up gota get Treadmill walking.

Sweet Potatoes fries are pure sugar starch, avoid at all costs when any HCG is in the body system. Only add others that are in this photo after a three week P3 phase is done. Even though I knew that might happen I ate the fries anyway. I am craving veggies all kinds and there are squash sitting on the cupboard staring at me taunting me to eat them. Tomorrow I can eat my many different kinds of Veggies but must be very careful and slowly add these in after a three week period. Reading this helped me understand how starches break down in a system better. Read the Protocol stay on track with how he says to do this whole lose thing its the only way to keep it fresh in your brain.

Sit ups. My K boy laughed as he sat on my feet helping me to get a sit up going. I kept using my hands and he told me I was doing it all wrong that my hands should be behind my head. I know I know but my gut is weak and I am just lucky to be able to do a sit up some times. I accomplished 25 even if I swung my arms a bit.

Treadmill 2 miles 200 calories burned and that was at a walk. I am building the stamina back soon I will break into a run.

Lunch:Fish with curry powder on a wasa cracker with a cucumber salted. I forgot my fruit.
Dinner: Grilled Chicken and celary sticks with some wasa crackers and and Apple.

I did so good at a family party to celabrate fall. I only tasted one Chilli spoonful and had to spit out the other kind of chili as my sis tells me it had sausage in it. I am allergic to pork products even the enzymes that they use in contact solutions turn my eyes flaming red and make me swell up. But here is a spanking to my partner sis she did not resist the treats and I am going to have to remind her that SKINNY TASTES BETTER THEN ANY TREAT YOU EVER EAT!
My other sis I have to give a shout out to you are doing super dee duper keep on keeping on.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

135.6 New Numbering, Run like a Chilean!

So even though I did not have to get up early I did hitting the treadmill and pumped up a walk of two miles increasing and decreasing the speed.
I had wanted to use my cool new video that Lynn did in her giveaway. Alas the C boy hid the channel changer so I couldn't get to main workout parts and of course he is having a day with a cousin and wont answer his phone. So treadmill it was instead. I am feeling so great and even doing sit ups to tighten that lose gut of mine.

Now here is some inspiration that I really do believe is so true in facing stress and how to combat it go ahead click and read something very very inspiring it has to do with running and a Chilean miner rescued.

Did I mention that I love my job because I am off when they are all off of school to. So glad to not have to race off to work leaving them to undo any work I have accomplished.
Wrapped Christmas for the Faraway boy. Strange to wrap presents before Halloween even comes close. But it has to get in the mail or it will not get around the world in time for Christmas.

Lunch: hamburger, dill pickles (which are not really my favorite) bread crumbs from some home made bread not many just about the amount that would make up 4 melba rounds. No fruit because I snitched sweet potatoes fries 5 of them and then got out of the kitchen to a safer zone. Oh ya no more HHCG because the bottle is all gone. Just following the three day after finishing bottles protocol rule until it all gets out of my system.
Dinner: Grilled Chicken and sauteed onions on a wasa cracker making a sandwich sorta. Still doing super great.
Maintanace coming up.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

136.8 Success is emanate.

I am back to the low spot and still have a day worth of drops. Must have missed a bit when using or there just happens to be extra in my bottle.
I have learned that in order for me to be accountable I need to keep my workout schedule. Of course if you are doing this potocol and haven't had a workout including a simple walk everyday please start out slow and easy. Seeing a Dr. would be a really good plan at the very begining so if there is anything that could hold you up then you will be prepared to deal with it at the top end not in the middle when you wish you had had a heads up.
I walked 2 miles today and felt so much better and in control of myself compared to 2 days ago.
I do wish that I could tighten the gut up lots more but I need to be patient because seven pregnancies with one a C-section really kills your muscle structure. But I can fix it I am determined.

Lunch:Chicken grilled, a cucumber on the run and melba rounds in a bowl with an apple to follow it up.
Dinner: Curry fish with the wasa cracker making a sandwich. Oranges on the side and sauteed celery with the curry sauce made from a bit of coconut oil. Now I better clarify this is cold expeller pressed oil not hydrogenated coconut oil.

A football game was cancelled because the team never showed up so this opened me up to attend my churches Mother Daughter ice cream night. Nervous but I still went. Glory be, didn't have a single craving need at all and had fun with all the lovely ladies of my church. I think I just might make it to the end of this round without another crashing day. I realize that what I crave now is healthy foods that build my system not the sugar, candy stuffs. I want real good nutrition to feel me up now days.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I had the best day yet.

Just a note to say I did great and I have pin pointed an important thing that I have to do for me.
WORK OUT its just a must to keep me stress free and accountable.

Lunch: chicken lettuce, melba rounds and an orange.
Dinner: hamburger, tomato, wasa bun, and an apple

Scout award presentation tonight. My C boy got honored and the Mc boy learned how to salute the court they are such awesome young men can't wait till they are Eagles. Their whole troop won the over all big competition against the 5 years winners so amazing.

138.4 Water is Key to losing I am being accountable..

I am going to have a good day today. I already drank 1 liter of water. I am freezing and I am leaving the house and staying busy. I am not regretting my past evening I will do better today.
Someone that I never expected called me and wants me to help them lose.
I must stay accountable and be an example. They are watching me.
I never ever in a million years would have guessed that would happen with this amazing person.
I reserve the right to post again tonight so I stay accountable all day long.

Monday, October 11, 2010

136.6 I am having a chocolate attack.

I am not sure what my problem is today but I WANT CHOCOLATE bad. Like I am in need of the extra protein or something. I ate Nutella and it is hazelnuts and chocolate but a no no in the sugar department. I have got to get out of the house before I eat the whole very large container that I can usually resist. So close to 135. but no dice, urrrgha frustrating. Fasting didn't even seem to make a big drop for me. My body systems are in control and they say when I will or will not drop lower. Only today and tomorrow left and then 2 days more to reach an elusive point closer to 120. Such a mind mess that we have to get through to lose the weight that we want to be free from.

Breakfast: Orange spice herbal tea with Stevia
Cheats: Spoonfuls of Nutella uggha
Lunch:Fish, butter crunch lettuce and strawberries again, with a few melba rounds.
Dinner:Chicken wasa cracker, apple and cucumber.
I did not drink enough water in the morning I felt dehydrated by the end of the day and chugged 3 big glasses.

Having very little discipline today.
Crappy eating
Bottom line I am moving to maintenance soon and I have been successful in getting my body back into shape after many years, think positive instead of negative fat talk because I can now run and feel smaller in many healthy ways. A site that was good for me to run into and practice doing instead of beating myself up about cheating today.
Soccer party Auugah this has to have been the worst day. I obviously need to be ended. There was cream cheese with salsa, chips, donuts, pumpkin cake, brownies, candy, cookies, and popcorn with Carmel ok you know where I am going. The candy, donuts and brownies did not even appeal to me but the cream cheese and pumpkin cake stuff just jumped off the table and flew into that mouth even when I was clamping it shut. I undid all my hard work and it wasn't even because I was hungry. I am a mess today. So to you all, even when you finally are getting down there you must continue to be vigilant and know that there are just days when it comes out of no where and attacks your willpower and you eat it. Just get back up and start over again. I will look at the scale in the morning and go forward because I know I can do this I just have to work harder at it. I am craving omelets and veggies with healthy proteins so that's a good sign I could care less about candy you can tell by my choice of failings.
Maybe when you hitting the end of what you need to lose your round should be shorter so you can handle the day when resolve slaps you in the face.
To a new day tomorrow I will be ok after I cry on the scales.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

136.0 Fasting today.

In my church we fast on the first Sunday of the month. Why, well it is a way of showing that we can control the natural man also bringing us closer to relying on the kindness of a God who provides all for our physical beings by giving the foods that we would be eating to those who have less then ourselves. If we are fasting for something special it helps us to show the Lord our humble submission to desiring his help with our prayers to him in that endeavor and more humility is show by the going with out foods that sustain our bodies. So our family has a special reason to fast that was requested by our Faraway boy serving an LDS mission not to mention loved ones who are ill and ones who are in need of employment. We are showing our humility to him who can guide us to change the things that are causing strain in our life by going without two meals today.
Some info on why fasting is good for us.

My one meal: Butter crunch lettuce with sliced strawberries, vinaigrette and melba rounds crumbled over the top and then a 3.5 oz lean grilled hamburger. I wonder if the scale will drop more or stay the same.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

136.8 Something new but can't be worn.

About a month ago my Hubby threw, well dragged the old couch out the door. He had had it. The stuffing kept coming out the top cushions and was duct taped to keep shut. A year ago he had sat down rather hard on it and we all heard the crack sound. After a year it hurt to sit on it as it was more boards then cushions on the rear end. I did not want to get a new one yet, not with 6 boys that like to jump over, on and would be under if they could figure that out. Well today we went shopping and for the first time in our 22 years of married life we have a new couch that can make into a bed for guests and is leather with a removable micro suede cover. Really cool if I do say so myself. Everyone had to sit on it and I who never watches shows actually sat and watched one whole show tonight. Maybe that's been my problem over the last 5 years there wasn't a comfy couch to relax the bones on. Anyway I felt really excited at my new room taking shape maybe I will paint and throw some red pillows on the couch to liven the chocolate brown leather up.

Breakfast: Chocolate water
Lunch: Fish and onions sauteed in coconut oil. An orange and a wasa cracker.
Dinner: Chicken grilled with yellow pear tomatoes. Melba rounds and and apple.
I was so hungry still that I ate some almonds.
I only have 4 more days to go for this 40 day round and two days to get to at least 35lbs. This round has been very hard to lose down and I am short of the 120 that I wanted to get to but that's ok there has been some great results in smallness and body fat percentage accomplishments. One more round that's short and maybe I will hit the goal on the nose.

Friday, October 8, 2010

137.6 Driving the big busses.

Well I got my first dose of driving a big bus. There is so much going on that you have to watch, like the mirrors and kids and buttons and then out on the road the corners if you turn. Easy pease when there are no children but not so great if there had been kids talking in my ear. I will have to learn to tune out until I am at a safe spot if a kid needs to talk to me. If you ever complain about your bus driver go ride the bus and then think about it in terms of being you driving and 70+ kids in your little car all talking at once. I really wish that there were aids to be able to ride every bus just to keep peace or seat belts that alarmed if taken off so that the kids had to stay in until their stop arrived.

Lunch: Fish with spinach, and strawberries with melba rounds.
Dinner: Hamburger very lean and tomatoes with melba rounds and an apple.
Murdered by popcorn cause the Hubby needed some on our date to see the movie Secretariat. Hopefully it will be like fiber and go right on through me.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

137.4 Eating raw

Part of the Dr. discussion yesterday was that he told me he never says to someone who wants to lose weight "if you want to lose weight go start exercising." Instead he says "cut what you eat down and make it raw." Why raw, well because your body has to work harder to burn the raw foods down so your bodies calorie burn is better. Now if you have say a child like Jer it is better to cook all his foods so that he gets a higher easily broken down calorie amount since he eats so little in the first place. If you want to be in better shape and have better muscle mass that's when you should exercises but it is not going to make you lose as much as if you cut your portions of eating down. So there is a bit of diet to this not just the HCG at work but that's ok because it has worked for me so I will keep on doing a round every once in a while if its necessary to stay down on the scale and the inches.

This morning weight is now back to what it was a few days ago. THANK GOODNESS I was getting worried. I do not know why I worried because I put pants on this morning that I wore back 12 years ago. I had kept them saying I lost somehow once I can do it again. They were some brand new ones that I had gotten and then ended up pregnant with my 4th child. That was the year I had returned to my 110 pound weight for the first time in 10 years since getting married and having my very first pregnancy. Wow a person who has had 7 children and 10 pregnancies really truly ca get small again. I am living proof of that possibility.

Breakfast: Water with chocolate Stevia
Lunch: Raw spinach, 2 melba rounds, apple and then killer sandwich with the Hubby.The veggies inside were all raw but and the bread was whole wheat but way to much and out of protocol and the turkey most likely has a sugar added as it was from a deli cut. I do not get to eat dinner is what I have decided after the sandwich. . When you hit that major starve stage because it is hours past regular eating it just ends up not being a very good thing and I just need some food today who cared what it was by the time it hit 2:oo pm

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

139.2 The Doctor Said!

I mean really I was perfectly perfect yesterday in my diet protocol and now I went back up. It is enough to make a person feel like crying. I don't know but I guess today is another day to work things out. I am going to get a body fat percentage reading today because I am really skinny in lots of places that haven't been for many years. Like off the back of my hips and even my tummy that has had many a baby has become considerably flatter. Though this morning it felt like some of my fat cells had moved position and ganged up on my tummy area where yesterday it had seemed such a flat area.
I woke up hungry and hurried to take the drops which really curbed the hunger fast this morning.
Dr. appointment was Very interesting. Every appointment I have had through my life was to talk about baby maintenance before impending birth. So this was really different. He was shocked that I had lost so much weight over the year. Since he had seen me I had lost 41 pounds and he was impressed. You see he was wanting me to have a sleep study test last year because I couldn't breath at night and would catch myself holding my breath. I had headaches when I awoke and my arm would go to sleep in the night. Now sleeping is a whole different experience.

Anyway, He said I weighed 140.4 and that my BMI was 24.4. That optimally for my age and height I was at a perfect spot unless I wanted to do strength training to build muscle mass which of course is going to make the scale rise.
I decided I wanted a paper recorded read out so over to the gym I went. There the scales said that my weight was 136.8 and the BMI was 22.8.

My fat percentage was 27.4 desired range for my age was 20 to 27. So score one for me.

At my partners/sis house her extra special scales said I weighed 138.00 and my BMI was 28.8. Very interesting to see all these different levels on so called accurate scales that the professionals use. Most important is how your body feels and mine is feeling pretty dang good right now. Can't wait to start running and building some muscle mass on a floppy gut and tones legs.
Lunch Salad with Chicken and melba rounds and cut up strawberries on top.
Dinner: Apple, pretzel sticks, a nasty bit of hamburger and it was dang late and crazy stressful eating because the pretty girl is being picky and didn't like the dress that I was trying to fix for her for homecomig so we had to go out hunting for something different.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

138.8 INCHES inches tiny little inches.

Maybe I should have titled it ounces ounces to get back to the lower weight that I had achieved. Today I will be sewing a homecoming dress and getting toilet paper someone for got to buy on the last grocery stock up and now the house is in serious trouble if there is no one left to hear the yell from the toilet throne. Which would be me since everyone is at school today. Yikes

Breakfast: Chocolate Stevia Water
Lunch: shrimp cooked in spinach with water, garlic salt, and curry powder, with my bread crumbs crushed into it. Then a lovely orange.
Dinner: I ate a salad from a deli with Chicken and lettuce and bought melba toasts. The apple was a good finish up to the whole meal. I am pretty sure that the chicken came under the 100 grams but I am not sure if it was cooked by a grill which is the best way to cook for this protocol.

Does it really matter what I look like? It does feel good when someone says you do not look old enough to have a 16 year old. Then they get an even bigger shock when I say I have one that is almost 20 and a half. Four years ago I looked old enough to have older children. Weight makes you age a lot and you do not realize how much until you lose and start looking years younger. So yes I guess in that sense it does matter how I look because I like looking young and kinda a bit young like my daughter.

Monday, October 4, 2010

140.4 Blue Blue Blue

The skies are not blue and yep who cares because I fell into bad salsa.
It was home made, well sorta and it is tomatoes that are allowed but the problem was that it was made from Mrs. Wags mix and heaven forbid there is corn starch and maltodextrin(sugar) in the mix. It also had dried peppers in the mix too. I most likely ate to much also, way over what one tomato would make in its weight category.

Lesson learned stick to a whole tomato and not a mixed up batch. Starting over is so hard to do.
Lunch: Fish in lemon juice and curried spice on top. Strawberrie smoothie and 1 wasa cracker.
Dinner: Shrimp 7 tiny ones and an orange with onions all mixed together. 3 Melba toasts and that's all. Put a bit of currie spice on it and yum yum.
My heal on my left foot is hurting. I wonder if I am using out of my normal fat storage areas because somehow I have mixed my body signals up in the last 24 hours hmmm. Go read the Protocol to understand what I am getting at.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

139.4 Thats it no beef till the very end I need to lose.

I think my suspicion is right and I will not be eating any more of my beef allotment for the duration of this diet. I have got to lose more then a few ounces to be finished. I have been doing a 40 day round and the end is creeping closer and I want to get down the scale faster then what has been going on this week. Either that or I will just have to get running because I miss doing that this last month.

Today I am refueling, how? by watching this well the one that will be coming soon that is since I can see it broadcast on my T.V. Yesterday I refueled also by watching the Sat. sessions. I like to hear strength statements and there are many to be heard here.

Breakfast: Peanut butter pancakes with extra eggs in the mix ( just kidding, made them for my kids but I did not eat them).
Lunch: Chicken and a cucumber salted with an apple and some Melba rounds. I spread them through the whole afternoon.
Dinner: Shrimp only 2.5 ounce because I had filled up on homemade salsa. An orange and 7 melba rounds too many I think but I had to eat my Salsa on something.
Oh an always my HHCg while I am on my P2 round.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

139.6 WHAT THE!!!!!!!!!

So the beef had to be over the allotted amount because why did the scale go back up that much. Or maybe the vinaigrette which is really not on the protocol list tipped the scale up. Or could it be that I totally forgot to drink my 2 liters of water yesterday. Whatever it is the scale went massively back up and I sure don't get what happened.

My phone has been being stupid for the last month. It will text but not call and it shuts itself off all the time. I went to go get a new phone and found that ATT was buying out Alltell so they were wanting me to wait to replace because the systems on the phone are used differently. Great so now no one can call me and my kids can text but I only get it if I turn the phone on over and over again. Its quiet exhausting, so last evening I bent over to unplug a toilet that had the yucky of yuckiest in it. The boys had not hit the flusher in the betweens of two users. My phone flipped in that yucky water. I screeched grabbed then washed it off and stood there looking at it. C boy says put it in rice over night and it should fix it. Well it did fix enough to be usable for my schedule and Dr. numbers but alas the software is still stupid and turns off constantly. I can't wait to get a new phone this one is driving me crazy.

Breakfast: For sure going to start drinking my 2 liters of water and of course take my 10 drops of HHCG.
Lunch: 10 drops of HHCG 30 min before eating. Then hamburger (which I think is not 100 grams or 3.5 0z because it just seems bigger, problem is it is frozen so I can't reweigh it. Remember I take all my meats and divide the amounts out and then wrapped them in tinfoil and freeze them so that I don't have to think so hard about everything when it comes time to cook.
Dinner: HHCG 10 Drops taken before I start to do the cooking. Precooked frozen grilled chicken of 3.5 oz. dropped into cabbage with a bit of salt garlic salt and onion salt. After it was cooked I broke it up. I also broke 4 melba rounds into the soup. I made a strawberry smoothie with 2 tablespoons of milk and a cup and half of water and the frozen strawberry handful of course. Add 3 packets of stevia and yum yum.

Tomorrow if there is not a significant drop then I know that my beef is above the allotted amount because I should be dropping more then this. Or maybe I should just avoid the beef all together. Fish and chicken seem to work better to help me drop weight faster anyway.
The whole family went bowling, what a blast, slightly humbling to keep being beat by your 7 year old. Z boy thought he was the cats meow, and mouthy C boy sure got put in his place because the Z boy won both times we played. Both times I won over C boy but only by one point some of us just couldn't get the ball straight.

Friday, October 1, 2010

137.6 Skinny tastes better then anything else.

Nice soaking bath, warm drink of tea,
Long bus ride in the heat it feels like Aug. all of a sudden and the Bus is very warm.
I can't wait to make this it sounds so Divine.
Came home to find kids making more ice cream smoothy's. I just went and took a nap so that it didn't get to me. A long snuggle with Jer, its been a very long week even though my tomatoes are yelling that they need bottled into salsa I think a snuggle is safer then facing the ice cream kitchen.

Lunch: Lean Beef, with red onion sauteed again in coconut oil and some brags. Placed over melba rounds I felt very satisfied. An apple on the go.
Dinner: Chicken sauteed in coconut oil placed over cucumbers with some sugar free Waldon Farms raspberry vinaigrette dressing.
I did not feel hungry all day. I am a bit worried that my scale was off when I weighed my beef because it just seems larger then it should be.

Hubby and I had a date, a very nice long walk around one of my miles that I google mapped. It was without any children tagging along interrupting our talking.