Saturday, October 23, 2010

137 Just another lazy rainy Sat.

It usually turns into one of those very lazy days. I hit the alarm off instead of getting up and loved every sleep in sec.
Made the C boy go on my 3 mile run and 1 mile walk. He made fun of me again because he can walk almost as fast as I run but he still attempts to look like he is running with me so I do not get so bugged feeling. I felt great and ready to keep it consistent next time instead of breaking it up with the walk in between. At least I got my run in before the rain started to come down.

Nice long soaking bath my hip keeps hurting and its really buggy that it does that.

Not really a hungry girl today I ate almonds and a tiny bit of cheese and then went to dinner with the Hubby for a very good prime rib dinner. I think I might pop from such a good meal. Good thing I really didn't eat to much earlier in the day.
I could only manage a small bit of the steak and was full so very fast. More thirsty then anything today. I guess this could look like a steak day but I wasn't trying to make it that way. I did ask for tomatoes because I wanted them so much. Going to bed early while the Hubby goes to the movies with the teens so they can get extra credit at school. Secretariat what a great show.

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