Monday, October 4, 2010

140.4 Blue Blue Blue

The skies are not blue and yep who cares because I fell into bad salsa.
It was home made, well sorta and it is tomatoes that are allowed but the problem was that it was made from Mrs. Wags mix and heaven forbid there is corn starch and maltodextrin(sugar) in the mix. It also had dried peppers in the mix too. I most likely ate to much also, way over what one tomato would make in its weight category.

Lesson learned stick to a whole tomato and not a mixed up batch. Starting over is so hard to do.
Lunch: Fish in lemon juice and curried spice on top. Strawberrie smoothie and 1 wasa cracker.
Dinner: Shrimp 7 tiny ones and an orange with onions all mixed together. 3 Melba toasts and that's all. Put a bit of currie spice on it and yum yum.
My heal on my left foot is hurting. I wonder if I am using out of my normal fat storage areas because somehow I have mixed my body signals up in the last 24 hours hmmm. Go read the Protocol to understand what I am getting at.

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