Sunday, October 31, 2010

138.8 I am so sore. My brain even hurts.

The hike up the hill did me in. The tops of my legs hurt so bad I can barley get up to my upstairs rooms. Even my hips and gut hurt in spots I have not ever hurt in before. Definatly having to do the stretch and strengthen video with Denise Austin again.

I am sure the candy is getting me and I am not doing another steak day. I am just trying to eat very low cal and small portions for the next few days.

Breakfast: Eggs with cheese and onions
Lunch: Lettuce salad with cheese and tomatoes and carrot slices.
Dinner: Nice piece of grilled chicken for dinner and some wild rice. Handfuls of cashews and almonds to keep the candy at bay. A crash into a birthday cake with ice cream my Mc boy celebrates with this scary holiday and I didn't resist the cake. I am afraid to see the scale tomorrow I have got to get rid of the candy in my house. I have started throwing it in the trash if I see it out of the safe hiding spots that the kids are making.

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