Thursday, October 28, 2010

138.2 Killed by chilie, Steak day again.

I know I know it usually takes two days for a weight change to show up and here it is. It's not to bad but it's over two pounds again.
I had to study today to take my CDL test so I walked on the treadmill while reading my book and going over all the info I need to keep on my brain for the big test.
I also went to my closet and have to give away some of my cute long sleeved shirts because lets face it I now look like I am wearing a bag instead of trying to squeeze into these shirts. Such a crazy switch since last winter. I really like these shirts too but that's ok now I get to get some new things again.
Walking 2.5 miles while reading.
I ate my steak late in the evening and hope that there is a big drop. I am grappling with doing another round or waiting until after all the holiday's are over. I would hope that I could lose to my goal of 120 by Thanksgiving but do I risk the possible tangle that I have to work with over the holiday eats that are sure to be there to face. Especially when your supposed to restrict yourself from some many starches after the drops are done.

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