Tuesday, October 19, 2010

137.8 EEEK thats it STEAK DAY ahead.

Why can't my body just sit and not fluctuate radically. That was not a very exciting thing to wake up and see on my scale reading. The rule is if your body goes over 2 pounds even if it is an ounce after being done with the HCG then you have to do a steak day with one tomato or one apple. So an apple and a steak today along with lots of water for me, not to exciting a day to say the least. But I snitched a half or two making a whole piece of turkey bacon while feeding the crew.

I am doing cross training today. I went on a little mountain hike, little because it was very wet from raining and my shoes quickly soaked because of the open breathing net on the top, should have picked differently. Came home to finish out with hip hop video and some crunches.
Ate my steak at about 1:30 ate my apple around 4:30 and felt very satisfied.

Last football game of the season hurray because I have been freezing all day and it was cold sitting there watching my C boy play.

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