Wednesday, October 13, 2010

136.8 Success is emanate.

I am back to the low spot and still have a day worth of drops. Must have missed a bit when using or there just happens to be extra in my bottle.
I have learned that in order for me to be accountable I need to keep my workout schedule. Of course if you are doing this potocol and haven't had a workout including a simple walk everyday please start out slow and easy. Seeing a Dr. would be a really good plan at the very begining so if there is anything that could hold you up then you will be prepared to deal with it at the top end not in the middle when you wish you had had a heads up.
I walked 2 miles today and felt so much better and in control of myself compared to 2 days ago.
I do wish that I could tighten the gut up lots more but I need to be patient because seven pregnancies with one a C-section really kills your muscle structure. But I can fix it I am determined.

Lunch:Chicken grilled, a cucumber on the run and melba rounds in a bowl with an apple to follow it up.
Dinner: Curry fish with the wasa cracker making a sandwich. Oranges on the side and sauteed celery with the curry sauce made from a bit of coconut oil. Now I better clarify this is cold expeller pressed oil not hydrogenated coconut oil.

A football game was cancelled because the team never showed up so this opened me up to attend my churches Mother Daughter ice cream night. Nervous but I still went. Glory be, didn't have a single craving need at all and had fun with all the lovely ladies of my church. I think I just might make it to the end of this round without another crashing day. I realize that what I crave now is healthy foods that build my system not the sugar, candy stuffs. I want real good nutrition to feel me up now days.

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