Saturday, October 16, 2010

135.8 So when do you decide that its the right weight?

This morning when I got up and stood on the scale it said 136.2. WHAT I was good last night!
I have noticed that when I stop the HCG then over the three days that you continue the protocol until all of it is out of your system then I creep up very slowly. Until I hit the spot that my body decides to stay set at. This buggers me because I wanted to stop at 135 and stay at 135 and its not working that way again. So today I am doing a steak day. Oh ya the nature call kicked in as I stood there so I sat the throne and yes there was a drop but I still do not like that I am doing the slow creep up but I will keep that nature call elimination as my scale reading for the day.

This means that I drink my correct water amount and only eat a steak and a tomato and that's it. Its not really a little steak it is very lean and I usually do it at lunch time not at dinner time like the Dr. says to do. Why well because then it burns off and I do not have a heavy steak meal sitting in my guts all night making me feel kinda uncomfortable. That's not to say I always do it that way but when I do a steak day I have usually done it this way. Of course the Hubby was put out that I didn't make him a steak but good grief bacon lettuce tomato sandwiches are super good too I told him. He became satisfied.

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