Monday, October 25, 2010

137.6 Body Battle for Monday.

Yesterday the scale said 137.8 So much for doing Saturdays steak day. The body is refusing to go back to 135 no matter what I have done and it likes this 137 point I guess. Steak day didn't budge it nor running 3 miles and walking did there elicit any kind of change on the scale. So who wins well not my brain definitely the body for now.

Yesterday I ate left over steak, an apple, nuts, sugar free toffee, bean salsa a tiny tiny bit, carrots, humus, celery and feta cheese and a handful of grapes.

Today I ran and am eating yogurt smoothie and craving lots of chocolate and nuts again. Had a yummy omelet with homemade salsa and for dinner a chicken spinach apple salad with Waldon's Ranch dressing. Oh yeah and sunflower seeds. Drank my water today with grape flavored Stevia kinda yummy that's for sure.

Ran 2.5 miles and walked another .5 to round out for 3 miles worth of exercises.
Feeling strong today love that feeling.

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