Tuesday, October 5, 2010

138.8 INCHES inches tiny little inches.

Maybe I should have titled it ounces ounces to get back to the lower weight that I had achieved. Today I will be sewing a homecoming dress and getting toilet paper someone for got to buy on the last grocery stock up and now the house is in serious trouble if there is no one left to hear the yell from the toilet throne. Which would be me since everyone is at school today. Yikes

Breakfast: Chocolate Stevia Water
Lunch: shrimp cooked in spinach with water, garlic salt, and curry powder, with my bread crumbs crushed into it. Then a lovely orange.
Dinner: I ate a salad from a deli with Chicken and lettuce and bought melba toasts. The apple was a good finish up to the whole meal. I am pretty sure that the chicken came under the 100 grams but I am not sure if it was cooked by a grill which is the best way to cook for this protocol.

Does it really matter what I look like? It does feel good when someone says you do not look old enough to have a 16 year old. Then they get an even bigger shock when I say I have one that is almost 20 and a half. Four years ago I looked old enough to have older children. Weight makes you age a lot and you do not realize how much until you lose and start looking years younger. So yes I guess in that sense it does matter how I look because I like looking young and kinda a bit young like my daughter.

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