Sunday, October 17, 2010

137.6 Brain connection

Here I am reading this and that (to barrow from JBS;0) on nutrition and stretching for running and I read this statement and my brain makes a connection.
"The calcium contained in cocoa acts as a muscle tonic and helps with muscular contraction".
I realize at that point that the other day when I was having a major chocolate attack that my body must know something that it needs. This is perplexing to me because I have never been a big liker of chocolate until after shall I say getting fat and not being able to lose it. Which was really about 5 years ago. Lets also add older age creeping up and there really is a big need in my body for calcium. I think I better take a calcium pill and listen to this body's need for replenishment, in other words pay attention to more then just the fact that its chocolate and get into the complexity of what a food does for a body. Would that mean becoming a nutritionist I wonder hmmmmm.

On a new note something that losing down to 130'sss has brought is playing in my daughters closet a tiny bit. We are starting to share shirts and some skirts never pants but that's ok. She is busty. I since losing my chest I can fit her shirts now. My waist will fit in her skirts if its an elastic one. But pants I do not think that will ever happen my hips have brought forth to many a body to live in this world. There was a store in our town having a girls night out, dressing up as a witch night fun. We like to see the cute different things that are there so we rather swiftly took off to do a min together. She wanted to get a cute butterfly costume and I wanted to see about a cute charm necklace. Of course they had to have cheating treats. Nacho cheese, cream cheese, Shredded chicken in buffalo sauced mix, 0ver of course starch laden corn chips. How are you supposed to scoop the mix up? Well my pretty girl begged that we sit a min and share. I said but and she said, sooo, I didn't get dinner. I had picked her up after work as I passed through on the way to the store. I ate and knew that I would pay but sometimes pretty girls need minuets with their Mommies and they don't need to share their Moms diet restrictions with them. So back to working to get down the scale again by paying attention to the eats and working out to burn the calories. I guess you could call that a total sabatoush of a steak day because there is not going to be any worth of drop after that kind of a cheesy mix.
It feels good to be walking and moving faster and faster.
2 miles walking along with really good stretching and my Pilate's video.

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  1. I borrowed it from Young House Love or confessions of a Pioneer Woman, or something. You're welcome to it my dear...;)

    You are INCREDIBLE! Sharing clothes with your pretty girl! Excellent. (not for her, but you know I never met her. I am YOUR fan here) WooT!!!