Thursday, October 21, 2010

137.2 TEETERING on the edge.

YEP Teetering around on the scales. The things hormones do to a girls system are so crazy. I sit and wonder this morning, am I safe to eat should I do a steak day again, the scale edge is so close to going over the 2 lbs but is it water swelling from the Aunt what? Ok so I am going to go ahead and eat normal but small and hope that its all about the water that my body wants to hang on to today.
Its a rest day from 10K training and I literally took it to heart after a night of being up all the time from one boy or the other. One with a fever, one needing a drink, one not making it to the bathroom you know the whose of being the Mom all night long. I was way tired by 6am.
I must need the food because I had that week kneed feeling again today around noon.
Lunch had a lovely salad with homemade salsa and turkey burger and some skim milk goat cheese. Ate a few bits a tastes of a cookie and some more cheese and then not much else.
All the kids are Teetering on the edge of sick. The strep throat is at our house, we have a slight fear of it on this end. Our faraway boy ended up with Rheumatic fever when he was 7 so now that our 9 year old K boy is acting much the same way we are already on guard and medicating it because there is no way this girl wants to stay at that faraway hospital that takes care of children's illnesses on a scary scale like that. Just hope the rest of them manage to not come down with it especially over the weekend.

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