Sunday, October 10, 2010

136.0 Fasting today.

In my church we fast on the first Sunday of the month. Why, well it is a way of showing that we can control the natural man also bringing us closer to relying on the kindness of a God who provides all for our physical beings by giving the foods that we would be eating to those who have less then ourselves. If we are fasting for something special it helps us to show the Lord our humble submission to desiring his help with our prayers to him in that endeavor and more humility is show by the going with out foods that sustain our bodies. So our family has a special reason to fast that was requested by our Faraway boy serving an LDS mission not to mention loved ones who are ill and ones who are in need of employment. We are showing our humility to him who can guide us to change the things that are causing strain in our life by going without two meals today.
Some info on why fasting is good for us.

My one meal: Butter crunch lettuce with sliced strawberries, vinaigrette and melba rounds crumbled over the top and then a 3.5 oz lean grilled hamburger. I wonder if the scale will drop more or stay the same.

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