Thursday, October 7, 2010

137.4 Eating raw

Part of the Dr. discussion yesterday was that he told me he never says to someone who wants to lose weight "if you want to lose weight go start exercising." Instead he says "cut what you eat down and make it raw." Why raw, well because your body has to work harder to burn the raw foods down so your bodies calorie burn is better. Now if you have say a child like Jer it is better to cook all his foods so that he gets a higher easily broken down calorie amount since he eats so little in the first place. If you want to be in better shape and have better muscle mass that's when you should exercises but it is not going to make you lose as much as if you cut your portions of eating down. So there is a bit of diet to this not just the HCG at work but that's ok because it has worked for me so I will keep on doing a round every once in a while if its necessary to stay down on the scale and the inches.

This morning weight is now back to what it was a few days ago. THANK GOODNESS I was getting worried. I do not know why I worried because I put pants on this morning that I wore back 12 years ago. I had kept them saying I lost somehow once I can do it again. They were some brand new ones that I had gotten and then ended up pregnant with my 4th child. That was the year I had returned to my 110 pound weight for the first time in 10 years since getting married and having my very first pregnancy. Wow a person who has had 7 children and 10 pregnancies really truly ca get small again. I am living proof of that possibility.

Breakfast: Water with chocolate Stevia
Lunch: Raw spinach, 2 melba rounds, apple and then killer sandwich with the Hubby.The veggies inside were all raw but and the bread was whole wheat but way to much and out of protocol and the turkey most likely has a sugar added as it was from a deli cut. I do not get to eat dinner is what I have decided after the sandwich. . When you hit that major starve stage because it is hours past regular eating it just ends up not being a very good thing and I just need some food today who cared what it was by the time it hit 2:oo pm

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  1. Yahoo about the pants - you must feel so good. I only have three children - if I had seven I think i would be close to 400 by now.

    How much longer are you going for this round.