Friday, October 15, 2010

135.8 EEE a bit up gota get Treadmill walking.

Sweet Potatoes fries are pure sugar starch, avoid at all costs when any HCG is in the body system. Only add others that are in this photo after a three week P3 phase is done. Even though I knew that might happen I ate the fries anyway. I am craving veggies all kinds and there are squash sitting on the cupboard staring at me taunting me to eat them. Tomorrow I can eat my many different kinds of Veggies but must be very careful and slowly add these in after a three week period. Reading this helped me understand how starches break down in a system better. Read the Protocol stay on track with how he says to do this whole lose thing its the only way to keep it fresh in your brain.

Sit ups. My K boy laughed as he sat on my feet helping me to get a sit up going. I kept using my hands and he told me I was doing it all wrong that my hands should be behind my head. I know I know but my gut is weak and I am just lucky to be able to do a sit up some times. I accomplished 25 even if I swung my arms a bit.

Treadmill 2 miles 200 calories burned and that was at a walk. I am building the stamina back soon I will break into a run.

Lunch:Fish with curry powder on a wasa cracker with a cucumber salted. I forgot my fruit.
Dinner: Grilled Chicken and celary sticks with some wasa crackers and and Apple.

I did so good at a family party to celabrate fall. I only tasted one Chilli spoonful and had to spit out the other kind of chili as my sis tells me it had sausage in it. I am allergic to pork products even the enzymes that they use in contact solutions turn my eyes flaming red and make me swell up. But here is a spanking to my partner sis she did not resist the treats and I am going to have to remind her that SKINNY TASTES BETTER THEN ANY TREAT YOU EVER EAT!
My other sis I have to give a shout out to you are doing super dee duper keep on keeping on.

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  1. YOU are amazing. Look at you researching so much, and being so brainy. Such a genius. Keep it up, role model. You're doing us proud!!