Thursday, October 14, 2010

135.6 New Numbering, Run like a Chilean!

So even though I did not have to get up early I did hitting the treadmill and pumped up a walk of two miles increasing and decreasing the speed.
I had wanted to use my cool new video that Lynn did in her giveaway. Alas the C boy hid the channel changer so I couldn't get to main workout parts and of course he is having a day with a cousin and wont answer his phone. So treadmill it was instead. I am feeling so great and even doing sit ups to tighten that lose gut of mine.

Now here is some inspiration that I really do believe is so true in facing stress and how to combat it go ahead click and read something very very inspiring it has to do with running and a Chilean miner rescued.

Did I mention that I love my job because I am off when they are all off of school to. So glad to not have to race off to work leaving them to undo any work I have accomplished.
Wrapped Christmas for the Faraway boy. Strange to wrap presents before Halloween even comes close. But it has to get in the mail or it will not get around the world in time for Christmas.

Lunch: hamburger, dill pickles (which are not really my favorite) bread crumbs from some home made bread not many just about the amount that would make up 4 melba rounds. No fruit because I snitched sweet potatoes fries 5 of them and then got out of the kitchen to a safer zone. Oh ya no more HHCG because the bottle is all gone. Just following the three day after finishing bottles protocol rule until it all gets out of my system.
Dinner: Grilled Chicken and sauteed onions on a wasa cracker making a sandwich sorta. Still doing super great.
Maintanace coming up.

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