Tuesday, October 26, 2010

137.4 HOOKABOO Dieting thoughts.

The sugar demons are getting closer and ready to eat your good diet success with sugar at every corner you turn. Stay strong my friends do not give in to the drowning that is impending and knocking at all our doors.
Eat a carrot instead its has sugar in it toooooo.

I am cross training today going to ride my pretty girls bike and see if I can work up a sweat in the frosty air that we have here this morning. (Oooh that kicked my butt I can really feel it in my back and top of thighs). 30 sit ups and 30 crunches both in the morning and evening at bed time.
Breakfast chocolate with cashews and a smoothie of yogurt strawberries and cream cheese.
Also laying the Garden to rest dang I am going to miss eating my own fresh cucks, spinach and salad selections. Wish I had a greenhouse that I could keep over the top and help the earth inside stay warmed.
Ate fried green tomatoes with onions and turkey burger saute ad together in coconut oil (cold expeller pressed) then placed over the top of fresh spinach leaves and Waldon's sweet onion dressing.
Later dinner I cheated with a hot dog smothered with chili and ate the bun too. Along with a killer cupcake with way to much gaggy frosting. I guess if the scale goes up I should not have done that but I am human with frailty's some days but it was a party and I didnt want to be rude.

As to the diet protocol. I am doing my own diet with out the help of a consulting Dr. I do faithfully read Dr. Simeon's protocol and I make sure I research all kinds of things so that I feel in my self secure with the choice I have made in losing the weight that I carry.
Do I think if I went on a 500 cal diet and no HCG that I would lose, NO. Maybe my good fat but not my locked fat storage. That's the fat that I want to have go away. So now that I understand some of the bodies chemical compositions and ways that it protects itself from being depleted along with the fact that there are several people I know who have lost when they were pregnant by shaving the diet down I still think I would and will do the HCG diet way. BUT I now love to run and like to feel the strain on my muscles and the firmness that even nasty crunches ans sit ups make me feel. So balance in all things is way way important.
Anyone reading this needs to know that they need to make sure they research everything out for themselves and not just on my words alone because I will not take any authority for what you choose to do because its your own path not mine.

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