Friday, October 1, 2010

137.6 Skinny tastes better then anything else.

Nice soaking bath, warm drink of tea,
Long bus ride in the heat it feels like Aug. all of a sudden and the Bus is very warm.
I can't wait to make this it sounds so Divine.
Came home to find kids making more ice cream smoothy's. I just went and took a nap so that it didn't get to me. A long snuggle with Jer, its been a very long week even though my tomatoes are yelling that they need bottled into salsa I think a snuggle is safer then facing the ice cream kitchen.

Lunch: Lean Beef, with red onion sauteed again in coconut oil and some brags. Placed over melba rounds I felt very satisfied. An apple on the go.
Dinner: Chicken sauteed in coconut oil placed over cucumbers with some sugar free Waldon Farms raspberry vinaigrette dressing.
I did not feel hungry all day. I am a bit worried that my scale was off when I weighed my beef because it just seems larger then it should be.

Hubby and I had a date, a very nice long walk around one of my miles that I google mapped. It was without any children tagging along interrupting our talking.

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