Thursday, September 30, 2010

138.6 Soccer tournaments, Yeah almost done!

I am getting ready to freeze zucchini for Pizza crusts made from this recipe.
Tonight's Soccer Tournaments dished out a raging cool competition and Mc's team WON again that's two years in a row now for him.
Lunch: Hamburger, wasa crust with onions sauteed in coconut oil and a grapefruit.
Dinner: A small handful of pretzels at my sis house, cheater she said. I didn't eat my crackers at home. In the door to Sauteed Fish, inhale it and run out the door to the soccer tournament. Later in the car I ate a cucumber and my apple.

I can't believe it the hubby did not help me tonight he got ice cream to celebrate the win for Mc and then said "oh just one little bit wont hurt the scale in the morning". He does not understand the way HHCG will just take that and burn it instead of the other fat within my stored system. I am staying far away from the whole kitchen party that is going on in there because its not just ice cream there is Reese's pieces and Butterfingers and malt being added to the whole mix with Carmel and I hope my children go to bed tonight.

Jer is thinking that all this bus riding is just so the cool these days, that with school and playing at the cousins house everyday is helping him to not miss, his kids, as he calls them.

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  1. Oh man. I HATE that. I hope that they ate it all gone. Or that in a moment of superhuman strength you threw it all out. I would be so so so hungry. Just like I am now staring at all the foods they can have.

    Tell Jer that he is awesome. I totally understand how that loneliness can just weigh on them. Thinking of you....(<3)