Saturday, September 25, 2010

141.0 I want past this number right now!

Tomorrow I want to be at the 140 number instead and then just keep moving down from there. My pants are all hanging again. I have got to buy a belt that will get me through till I can hit the goal point and really have a reason to buy new fancy jeans or pull from my stash that I have stored. I am resisting the desire to run and run in the cool fall air of morning. I promised myself this round I would not exercise to see the difference in how I lose which seems to me about the same as if I do exercise. Slow and steady with lots of back and forth is how it seems to go for me. A person must remember that its not all about the scale that would be why its called Pounds and Inches. There are spots on me that seem thinner and more shapely every day sorta like I had a mini liposuction session if there were such kind of a thing. Of course the skin is baggy where the babies in my life stretched me out but that's how it was after my first and second when I didn't have much weight to lose many years ago. My very skinny mother in law would say it just never goes away once it got stretched out that far. My partner has a cool scales that does your Body Mass index I think I am going to take a day and stand on it to see where I am going in that area, Its been along time since I stood on one of those and measured that area.

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  1. You totally should!!! It dounds like you are doing so well. I'm proud of you! Keep it up. Thanks for your encouragement.