Monday, September 20, 2010

142.6 WILD and Thankful

This day was wild. From our close burning wild fire that has now been bumped to a three helicopters flying over our house all day long to a fire that almost took our a friends out on the other end of the state of Utah. My kids are starting to get nervous we are getting our own evacuation plan set in gear so we have a plan. This is what my kids look at everyday now to see what the update is getting to be.
I got asked to do an early morning bus run because someone was sick. Jer and I left at 6:15am and rode with the kids who I ride in the afternoon with except for a very beautiful little girl who only rides in the morning was my partner for the ride. She is the same age as my far away son. Her struggles have made many a Dr. that worked on my son years later smarter over the years and know what can be done different and what kind of strength human life has. Where once she was wheel chair bound now she is not. Where once she did not eat by mouth now she can with a small amount. There are limitations like talking but its amazing how resilient she is, I was honored to hold her hand and help her off the bus and then hand the handle to her on her backpack as she went off to learn a bit more where no one thought she would ever advance and learn anything at all. Human life is amazing especially when given the chance to grow and expand. Thank you Melissa for being handicapped and willing to come teach us all how to work with a body that came out into the world to early and had many a struggle to live. Thank you for being willing to help medicine advance at the cost of your physical body so that they knew a bit more what to do and not do for my own son many years later at his birth.
Lunch:Cabbage chicken soup with apple and grissini sticks
Dinner:Fish with spinach sauteed in coconut oil and wasa crumbled over it. Strawberries just a small handful.

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  1. Wow. You made me cry there.

    Thanks for writing that. It was beautiful.