Saturday, September 4, 2010

150.0 Started my 3rd round with HHCG. Lunch with JBS!!

Lunch with the amazing JBS and her pretty Chickadees, FABULOUS but to dang short. This month please lets win the money for her cause so that there can be some kinda of find to solve this terrible disease. That has got to be the prettiest little girl ever and she deserves to have a fighting chance at life like us. Even if it might mean a life trying to lose weight or struggling to understand math or talking to your crush for the first time. I know that the vote was so close I watched it bounce up to one and an hour later drop to 2 so that the winner didn't end up for her. So now that we have one more month lets get it done this time and win. Did you know that you can vote off your facebook and your email and text it in. That's three votes for one person. Then if your like me I made my oldest kids help me out, our house could vote 15 times that's a lot of votes, so help out please.

Loading day while on the road to see Jer's lung doctor, Yeah three steroids were taken out of his daily medicine requirement. Maybe it will also help me not have to breath them in while giving them to him. Dang we still have to keep the oxygen, our elevation is to high and he would struggle to much at night while he sleeps if we take it away.

Foods for my loading:
Yummy salad with JBS at Whole foods. I decided to just eat like normal but add a few things like cream to breakfast cereal. Dinner was salmon with tons of sauce and potatoes mashed with gravy and pie that was creamy and lots of chocolate almonds. I do not like feeling sick from eating and I figure the pizza is still sitting in my gut making me feel a bit yuck from the day before. Late that night I again drank some cream with sugar it better be enough good fats cause its all I can hack.

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  1. Miss you! It WAS so nice. I loved loved loved meeting you! Thanks for everything. I'm catching up slowly.