Monday, September 13, 2010

144.6 Lets just pick a topic.

OOOOOOH I see a hold or an increase in the scale not happy this morning. Going to be eating the leanest of the lean in my protocol agenda to make sure I keep moving down.
Breakfast: 10 HHCG drops under my tongue later on Chocolate Stevia Water 1 liter down.
Lunch: Lean Turkey breat grilled, over sliced tomaotes out of my own garden and bread croumbs from Grissini sticks. And oh Yah HHCG 10 drops under my tongue. 2 liters down of my water total. I ate my orange after riding the bus with all the kids.
Dinner: Grilled chicken, Strawberry vinagrette over green salad leaves from out of my garden topped with Melba toasts.

Which topic are the funest in your book? Kids stories
Farm stories
Old time stories
Action stories
Mystery stories
Drama stories
Weight loss stories
Real life stories
hmm how about a bed time stories. Good night all I think I am too tired to keep thinking up topics.

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