Monday, September 6, 2010

150.2 P2 R3 Day 4 Clothing commissary.

My one lovely meal yesterday was all out of my garden because I still have lots of lovely lettuce varieties growing. I made a salad and put orange pieces with tuna fish and my melba crackers all together It was yum.

I am dropping again yee ha. Mixed thoughts about it though because then what will I wear. My clothing selection is getting small since everything feels very lose out of my closet. What a funny predicament. I wanted to lose because I couldn't afford to keep buying bigger new clothing and now I am getting small and faced with the same problem. Yep like I said goofy predicament to be in.

After work today I felt like I had been trampled on it was a tough day of cleaning and running back and forth. I ate on the job which was only a cucumber, bread stick and an apple. I had to cook my turkey in one of the cabins I cleaned, crazy because I thought it was precooked chicken until I unwrapped it.
Dinner: apricot smoked hamburger, tomato, orange and melba toast. Being busy sure helps keep your mind off the food if your a board eater.

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  1. I'm exhausted just reading this! But you're so right about eating out of boredom. That's been my downfall lately at home nearly 24/7 with my 16-mo-old . . . it's not that SHE bores me, lol, but I think you know what I mean!

    But YOU! You are rockin' it, so get yourself a few things that fit and feel good . . . you totally deserve it.

    P.S. BTW . . . thanks for the 'push' ;)