Tuesday, September 7, 2010

148.6 Hey its not Monday! Get GOING.

A new day to work with called Tuesday.

Breakfast: Mint tea on the run and a half a grapefruit.
Worked my butt off. I have really tight leg muscles all the way up and down and in my hip and buttock area. I haven't been running to make that happen and the only thing I have done is to make 23 beds on one day, bending stretching and strange movements that may have made some pulled leg muscles I guess.
Lunch was a wrap of spinach with chicken inside and melba toasts.

I think Wendy's salad dressing my not be at all good for you when your on HHCG. I got stuck after work with all the appointments to have hair cuts for all the boys (that's 4 cuts) that are tired of being called girls and soccer games that spread from 5:oo to 8:00 that's what happens when 3 boys play the game (by the way all 3 won, celebration excuse for burgers out the Dad said). So anyway dinner didn't come very fast and we stoped to fill the empty tummy's as we left town. I got the apple salad and put a bit of the dressing on my salad. My logic was it was vinaigrette but I am pretty sure the sugar that they add got me so no loss the next day will most likely be my punishment.

Glory be I won a prize from here besides she has won the weight loss game but still keeps posting on she is inspiring.
It's been a hard days work, good night all.

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