Wednesday, September 29, 2010

139.4 Who do you cry to???

It was a very rough evening last night. After climbing off the bus I started to get an ear ache. My tummy felt like an old grumbler. I quickly ate my allotted foods of fish cooked in coconut oil and little grape tomatoes a handful. Snarfed down my apple. Went over the allotted amount of melba rounds. Ate a few more almonds. Finished dinner for the little boys made them come home from tracking a deer with the Hubby. Got everyone to bed ate more almonds and then called my partner. HELP HELP I am going to crash tonight. My head is killing me, I have the worst ear ache, and I want food way bad. She said do not cheat! You already blogged that you wanted to see a new number. She read my blog post to me, "see you want it, skinny tastes better then food right now" and the best saying of all "I CAN DO HARD THINGS"! Then she goes and tells me that she just can't keep going. WAIT WHAT! What am I talking to you for then. She made me feel so good telling me I am the little sister here and you are my big sister and look at you you are way smaller then me keep going your going to be fine even if its too hard for me. I said "so you already quit"? "Yes I have quit everyday this week after lunch but you keep going". HURUMFFF All night my head hurt even after taking something to help stop the pain. But by morning I felt better and I have had the best day ever not one hungry pain at all. When stopping at my Sisters house (partner in HHCG) there on her fridge she has a big goal pic posting with the I can do hard things around the photos of what she wants to look like again. She tells me that she made it through today and she will keep going. What a relief because I really need her to stay as strong as I am trying to stay too.
WILLPOWER I have it, I can make it to my goal, I can.
Lunch: 3.5 oz raw weighed shrimp, cucumber with salt and an apple. Melba toasts on the side.
Dinner: 3.5 oz pre cooked chicken with water and fresh spinach boiled to make a light soup with melba rounds. And orange in hand and out to watch my C boy play a great game of football as the starting linebacker.

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  1. I cry to Hubbend. REally he's it.

    But if he's unavailable for whatever reason, then I turn to my girl friends.

    Good job. You're doing great. What you're doing is hard. You have all the willpower you need! Keep up your great work.