Thursday, September 23, 2010

140.0 GOT THE JOB wow.

So what was I worried about I know I am good with kids. I am the permanent aide for 3 handicapped children and also a sub bus driver once I do all the training and get my CDL. They kept me with both positions not just the aide. I hate to say it but a lot of the bus drivers are getting older and so they need younger and fresh to keep the buses moving. Maybe eating almonds isn't so bad after all especially if you cheat with a hot dog. Well other then THAT IS A LOT OF FIBER hello bathroom shall I say. This morning my insides where churning and I am glad when the whole body system settled down.

By this evening let me just say I am sooo glad that this was the last day for soccer until Mc plays his tournaments since his team is in top place. We started the long mess with a little girl didn't tell us that she had to get off at her Grandmas so we had to turn the bus around at the end of the route and take her back. I was late to pick all my boys up, we didn't get to eat dinner before leaving, we missed half of the first game for K boy. Thank Goodness Z wasn't late. Then a half hour wait and the Mc boy started his game. The Hubby went with us tonight we got pizza tons of it I was so hungry by 9:30pm I ate it who cares I wasn't ever going to get home to eat my protocol foods. We still had to swing over and watch the last of the C boy play an amazing game of football in the position that he loves where they finally stuck him tonight. Pretty girl moaned she really hates pizza but ate like me out of desperation.
Jer well he ate pizza and half an apple with the skin on. WOW now that is some progress in the eating department for him. It was even pizza that has sauce and pepperonis with cheese and the bread that's 4 types of sensations and textures add the apple and that's a total of 6 with the skin left on. I think school is getting him back into the swing of its ok to eat again. He does head start so that the peer pressure outside of our home will help him to be ok about eating. I know crazy thing to think of using a school setting for but when you have his issues as a parent you will try every angle necessary at your availability.

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